Periods are a ‘painful’ but essential part of every girl’s life. They are hurting, annoying and also put a rigorous impact on girl’s life. And in cases where periods are heavy, they are not less than a nightmare! It may or may not pain terribly in heavy periods.

Additionally, they cause excessive flow of blood, which turns the sufferer anxious and worried about leakage. It is extremely important for a girl to understand that why her periods are heavy to know the solution of the problem.

how to make your period lighter

One should consult a veteran and discuss about her frequency of changing the pad or tampon. On the other hand a girl that has recently enter the puberty might also get heavy periods as her body is undergoing various hormonal changes. However, there are some of the alternatives that might be followed to get rid of heavy menopause to an extent:-

1. Avoiding Junkies in Food: Females suffering from heavy menstruation flow can control them to an extent by avoiding food like floor, sugar and other processed foods. Other than these, foods like pasta, crackers, chips, cookies, cakes should also be avoided a month before the period and the result will be a lighter period flow the next time.

2. Eating Mediterranean-Style food: Consumption of Mediterranean style food can be helpful to a major extent in managing periods. Food like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and other legumes, olive oil and whole grains etc, helps in minimizing the menopause flow. Other food that helps in doing so is the dairy products such as eggs, meat, etc.

3. Exercise: Getting moderate or lighter level of exercise can be a great help in managing the flow of one’s periods. Lighter exercises like swimming, jogging and power walking have help reduce weight to a major extent. One should make a routine to exercise 5-6 times a week for duration of 30 minutes. This works as a magic spell and control the menstruation flow to a major level.

4. Birth Control Pills: Birth control pills contain two menstrual cycle regulating hormones called progesterone and estrogen. These hormones also help in determining the flow of the periods. Consumption of birth control pills also helps in lightening the periods and also turns them shorter in duration. However, these pills come with their own side effects, so one should consult the doctor before using them.

5. Manage Leakage and Pain: In some cases, even the above mentioned things don’t seem to work. Hence, one should try to manage leakage and flow by stocking herself with heavy pads and tampon. It is advisable to also maintain a stock of pain reducing menopause tablets, only after consultation of a doctor.

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