A woman is said to have gestational diabetes when she shows high blood glucose levels while pregnancy. Without any prior records of diabetes, when a woman usually shows up this problem usually during the third trimester, insulin receptors fail to function appropriately. The most likely cause is that the human placental lactogen counters the function of the insulin receptors, thereby shooting up blood sugar levels.

healthy diet for wholegrain pasta


However, this condition is risky for the baby and mother as well while delivery like increased chances of caesarean surgery, higher baby body weight, low blood sugar levels in the newborn and glucose intolerance when he grows up etc. The condition can be brought to normal through natural means only when you realise how food and exercise affect blood sugar levels and grip the control on them.

Usually doctors prescribe doing tests to detect high blood glucose levels during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Obese women are asked to do the test in the first trimester itself. Here are few natural ways on how you can treat gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Healthy Diet

You should be extra careful about the foods you are eating during pregnancy as many can bring adverse effects that shall harm the baby. Firstly, ask your doctor the quantity that you can intake that will be in favour of your blood sugar levels – it varies individually! You will also have to maintain a diet chart and weight chart.

Count your carbohydrates and keep them limited. You can have wholegrain pasta or brown rice to add carbohydrates healthily in your diet. No fatty meats allowed; instead go for lean protein. You should grill chicken and fish instead of frying. Eat lots of salads made of cucumber, carrots, radish and cabbage. Fruit juice twice a day is also helpful (do not add sweeteners).

Physical Exercise

Diabetes patients are asked to follow regular physical exercise and when you are diabetic while pregnant, exercise is a sure must but only the safe ones! Yoga, brisk walking, swimming and pilates are some of the recommended options for gestational diabetes. Go for pranayam (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxation under trained professional.


It has been proved with latest studies that cinnamon bark is safe for pregnant women and extremely effective in treating gestational diabetes. It aids in insulin resistance and also balances the blood sugar levels, cholesterol and absorption of fatty acids. However, keep the dose limited as too much of cinnamon can prompt preterm labor. Everyday a cup of juice with a teaspoon of cinnamon extracts and lime juice will prove to be a boon for gestational diabetic patients.

Use Sugarfree Products

Avoiding sugar during pregnancy is quite difficult especially when you are sure to have strange cravings. But, you have to – try out substitutes that do not increase glucose levels like agave nectar (found in liquid form), stevia (available in liquid and powder form and can be added to any recipe), and whole fruit.

If the doctor finds it important, you will be prescribed medication for gestational diabetes, be sure to take them regularly. Eat small meals at regular intervals and get a professional diet chart. Maintain a glucose chart weekly. The correct sugar levels while pregnancy should be

  • less than 7.8 mmol/L  –  1 hour after eating
  • less than 5.3 mmol/L – while fasting