The act of abortion is illegal in certain countries while in others it is permitted only if the life of the expectant mother is at risk. In other it is a social or religious taboo to end a life. Though there are various ways of abortion, there are women who decide to go for herbal remedies for early abortion because it is less painful or extensive.

herbal remedies for early abortion

Ways of Termination

The catch here is that termination of pregnancy using herbal remedies has equal chances of failure and is ineffective after the first trimester.  Here are some herbal remedies for early abortion:

  • Drinking a parsley infusion: Prepare a decoction using parsley, and drink it twice a day. Parsley helps the menstrual flow to revive and hence the procedure is effective only after the first few weeks. Take 2-3 cups of water and bring it to boil. To it add at least an ounce of parsley leaves (without stems) and instantly remove it from heat, as it will lessen its effectiveness. Let it sleep for about 2-3 hours before consumption.
  • Pennyroyal: This is actually one of the controversial herbs as there are some believe that it harms more than helps. But it has always been used as an abortion inducing herb, though its dosage much be administered strictly. It can be consumed in the liquid form or as a tablet. In a day after every 3-4 hours, as a tincture, do not take it more than 1 tbsp or as a 3-8 size tablet. It is likely that after consumption the patient will feel dizziness and nausea, and it is forbidden if kidney problems are persistent.
  • Cotton Root bark: Also known as ‘gossypium herbabcetum’ the barks of this root is usually used, cut and sliced as is done for tea. It contains oxytocin, a labour triggering childbirth hormone, and emmenagogue. For the purpose of consumption, prepare a concoction using a cup of water and 1tbsp of bark (preferably organic), to be had three cups each day for six days only.
  • Black Cohosh: Most effective when taken with Dong Quai and Blue Cohosh, is used to make the cervix ready for abortion. There are several capsules (maximum 500-1000mg every 3-4 hours) available in medical stores, but a tincture can be made in the house. In a cup of boiling water add 1tbsp of black cohosh, and should be taken 3-4 times for a maximum of 6 days. It should be not taken by people who suffer from heart problems and is likely to result in vomiting, headaches and nausea.