Even though you might be thinking about the health benefits of contraceptive pills, you should know that just like any other kind of medication, they could have side effects. Before you start taking contraceptive pills, you should discuss it with your health care provider.

Health Benefits of Contraceptive Pills

Preventing pregnancy as one of the health advantages of contraceptive pills

The most important job of the contraceptive pills to is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. If they are used correctly, their efficiency is close to 100%. Nonetheless, pregnancies do happen mostly because the incorrect use of the pills.

Improving the menstrual cycle

There are four ways in which the contraceptive pills’ health benefits can be seen. First of all, there will be less bleeding (there are products designed to eliminate bleeding). Besides this, the menstrual periods will become more regular and there will be no pelvic pain during the period.

A lot of women experience serious mood swings before their period. The health benefits of contraceptive pills can help with this as well as they make PMDD better. There are two kinds of pills, Beyaz and Yaz that are approved by the FDA to be used to improve the mood swings.


It is interesting to know about the contraceptive pills’ health advantages that some of the pills were proven to help prevent different kinds of cancer including uterine and ovarian cancer. There is also the possibility for these pills to be efficient when it comes to colorectal cancer as well.

Ovarian cysts

Some specialists say that the health benefits of contraceptive pills also involve protecting women against ovarian cysts. In fact, it is said that the women who take hormonal birth control pills have smaller chances of being affected by ovarian cysts than the women who chose other methods.


Maybe the best thing about the health benefits of birth control pills is that they offer protection against acne, breast growths, bone thinning, iron deficiency, ectopic pregnancy, serious infections of the ovaries and depression and headaches linked to premenstrual symptoms.

As you can see, preventing pregnancies isn’t the only one of the health benefits of contraceptive pills. This is why in our days some of the doctors suggest birth control pills to women who are struggling with other problems and who are sure that they don’t want to have children in the near future.