Because of how crazy many of our lives have become, women are choosing to have their eggs frozen with a fair degree of regularity now. Earlier it would be for medical reasons, but now an increasing number of women are choosing to freeze their eggs for non medical reasons, to give themselves the option of becoming mothers later in their lives.

freezing eggsThough this is gaining popularity, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine consider freezing of eggs as experimental and caution institutional review of any request for freezing.

Also, the rate of success that the procedure meets with is still unclear.

There are several things that need to go right before a healthy baby can result from a frozen egg, firstly the freezing should not have damaged the egg, then it should be thawed without damage, then fertilized successfully and a proper embryo should result from it.

The reason that the rate of success is still very unclear is because very few women who freeze their eggs actually come back to use them, according to Dr. Elizabeth Ginsburg, medical director of assisted reproductive technologies at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.