Various causes keep away woman from enjoying the sexual life.

They can be: painful intercourse, unable to become aroused, absence of sexual desire and lack of orgasm.

These problems are the result of physical or psychological changes.

Physical problems include: heart disease, hormone problems, diabetes and nerve disorders.

Psychological problems include: work related stress, depression, anxiety, concerns in your marriage life or relationship problems.Female Sexual Dysfunction

How to recognize the problem of female sexual dysfunction?

Having no desire towards sex or if you never feel good, then you can have the problem of female sexual dysfunction. Consult your doctor about the condition so that your doctor can suggest a possible treatment option for female sexual dysfunction.

How to overcome from the problem of female sexual dysfunction?

For painful intercourse, try to have sex in different positions. Use extra lubrication, empty your bladder or have a warm bath before having sex. If you still experience pain during intercourse, talk with the doctor and she will help you in finding the right treatment.

In order to come out from the arousal disorders, use vaginal cream or sexual lubricant for dryness. If you are in the stage of menopause, consult your doctor and ensure about taking estrogen or usage of estrogen cream.

If desire is the main problem, try to change the usual routine. Try to have sex at various times of the day or try intercourse at different positions.

For orgasm problems, get sufficient foreplay or stimulation prior to actual intercourse. Use a vibrator for extra stimulation. Masturbation is helpful if you want an orgasm with sexual intercourse. Also, this helps you to learn different techniques that work best.

What are the treatments that help to come out from female sexual dysfunction?

Medical conditions and hormonal changes are the causes of female sexual dysfunction. In order to treat the underlying medical conditions, the treatments include:

  • Strengthening of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Treating thyroid problems and hormonal conditions
  • Following the steps suggested by your doctor in order to relieve from pelvic pain or any other medical problems
  • Optimizing treatment for anxiety or depression

Hormonal therapies that help in treating female sexual dysfunction include:

Androgen therapy:

Androgens consist of male hormones, called testosterone which is important for a women’s sexual health. But, androgen therapy for female sexual dysfunction is still controversial.

Some studies show a little benefit of androgen therapy for women who have low testosterone levels and improve the female sexual dysfunction.

Estrogen therapy:

This therapy helps to maintain your vaginal and external genital tissues. Estrogen replacement improves your sexual function in various ways, like improved vaginal blood flow, improved lubrication, positive effects on your brain function, increased elasticity and the nature of your vaginal tissues.

Progesterone therapy:

Some studies show that women who take progestin along with estrogen improve the desire and arousal. Usually these are prescribed to balance the effect of estrogens on your uterus.

Also, there are some possible side effects along with these therapies like, acne, mood changes, extreme body hair, acne or personality changes. Better consult your doctor before going to have any treatment for female sexual dysfunction.