Abortion is a medical process of terminating a pregnancy before the fetus develops outside the uterus to survive.

Abortion procedures are of two types: medical abortion and surgical abortion.

To have an abortion, you need to confirm your pregnancy and it can be done through home pregnancy tests or the tests recommended or performed by your doctor.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, your doctor determines the stage or trimester of the pregnancy and the type of abortion procedure.

Acupuncture refers to the weeks of a pregnancy. A pregnancy is divided into three periods or trimesters. Week 1 to week 12 refers to first trimester, week 13 to week 26 refers to second trimester and week 27 to end of pregnancy refers to third trimester.Abortion Procedure

However, the abortion procedure depends on the trimester or stage of your pregnancy as well as your personal preference.

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, abortion can be done through medical or surgical abortion procedure. Remember that medical abortion works efficiently only up to nine weeks of your pregnancy.

The medical abortion procedure is performed using drugs such as misoprostol alone, methotrexate and misoprostol, mifepristone and misoprostol.

The medical abortion procedure using the combination of methotrexate and misoprostol is generally prescribed till the first seven weeks of pregnancy.

However, the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol are prescribed till the seven to nine weeks of pregnancy. The medical abortion is 95% effective in terminating a pregnancy.

On the other hand, a surgical abortion procedure called Suction Aspiration, also known as vacuum aspiration, is used to empty the uterus during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

During second trimester, medical abortion procedure is ineffective to end your pregnancy.

Surgical abortion such as Dilation and Curettage (D&C), Dilation and Evacuation (D&E), and Induction Abortion are used during the second trimester. It is to be noted that surgical abortion procedure is usually done under local anesthesia.

Dilation and Curettage is also known as suction curettage. It is generally preferred between 13-15 weeks of pregnancy.

Dilation and Evacuation is also known as D&E. It is used to empty the uterus between 15-21 weeks of your pregnancy.

Induction Abortion is a rare surgical abortion procedure, which makes use of substances such as salt water (saline), urea, or potassium chloride to inject into the amniotic sac to start uterine contractions and terminate pregnancy.

Prostaglandins are introduced into the vagina for uterine contractions and to empty the uterus. On the other hand, Oxytocin (pitocin) is injected intravenously (in to the veins) to empty the uterus.

Medical abortion procedures are not used during third trimester. However, surgical abortion procedures such as Induction Abortion, Dilation and Extraction are used for terminating your pregnancy.

As said earlier, Induction Abortion terminates your pregnancy through medications. The medications make uterine contractions and eject the uterine contents through the cervix.

Dilation and Extraction (D&X), also known as partial birth abortion, is a third trimester surgical abortion procedure in which the fetus is removed from the uterus through the cervix. It is preferred between 24-36 weeks of pregnancy.

Know about the above facts of abortion and select the safe procedure.


  1. Hi
    I need some help and advice please, My gf was pregnant and we made an abortion operation before the baby was over 14 weeks and thnx GOD the operation was successful. The thing now is she might be pregnant again due to condum break and it’s her first week now, we will make pregnancy Test but what if she is pregnant what can we do?? I’m too worry about her health and about if she is going to have childs again if we did the second abortion and please be advice that she is only 17 yrs.
    I’m sooo worry please advice…

  2. Well look here u think just cuz there is something like an abortion you should do it well no!!! How about if that baby was the most wonderful think in the world!!!! Huh! What would you have done?

  3. Hi please i need help, my girl friend is pregnant now, and she just got admission into university recently, she cant have the baby because is going to prevent her from going to school.
    secondary her family will dis-own her, i myself is also in trouble if my parents hear about it, we met a medical doctor who gave her a drug to take but unfortunatly it does not work,now the pregnancy is going to one month and a week, the doctor said that her body system is strong that is why it does not work, and my girl friend is afraid of doing what they called (D.C) please is there any other solution we can take without doing so called D.C
    she is just 25yeras old i will be grateful if you can prescribe any more powerful drugs for us.

    wating for your reply on my maill box

  4. Hi,plzz need some help,my wife is pregnet,its 15 days delay of regular period.i want desparetly void it n i want to do it by medicine,can you help me??is there any harmfull.

  5. Hi it is disturbing to hear about all of you wanting to have an abortion. Don’t you know there is life at conception. They didn’t ask to be put here, so they are not some kind of bug you just step on and get rid of. Is this what our country has come to. These little ones are a gift that is giving to you, and you will be acountable for what you do with them. I had a child at the age of 18, me and my wife divorced after just 2 years, and yes I paid child support until my child was 18, but you know what I made that choice to keep her and know she is 31 years old and she has growed up to be a fine and very pretty daughter, and I love her with all my heart. So my advise to all of you is if your pregnet keep that child, and if you are not pregnet keep your pants up.

  6. Abortion is not sin and abortion is not murder/ nobody want to kill a life inside womb but for giving somone a new life we have to destroy one thing/ If the mathed of abortion forbidden then how many woman and girls get die/ abortion is very necessary in this growing population/ if fetus is not completly formed inside uters it is not murder/ my love is more importent than the tiny fetus this fetus is the creation of my love the god gave the power woman she can produce a live man herself then she can destroy also this/
    even we dont want to abort but everyone is helpless this socity is not respect such these kind of product so we have to abort/

  7. abortion is the worst thing possible you can do. if you do get pregnant and dont want the baby give up for adoption to a good family that will take care of it. think of it this way if all women who got pregnant had an abortion none of us would be here. i was pregnant and i had a miscarriage it was the hardest thing i have ever been through because i just lost a part of me. when you abort your baby you never know what good she or he could have done in the world. yes there are certain times when people get pregnant by rape and you dont want to remember that everyday, but it doesnt mean kill the baby give him or her to a good loving family. ABORTION IS NO WAY TO GO!

  8. hi ,
    hai guys i read many of your problem about abortion ,plz dont do that to your beloved, thats really destroy our mankind ,i gone for abortion once what called so d.c ,its really pushed me into the hell while surgical, i was mentally upset this happened for me before two years but still i cant forgot that moment in my life, i realy thank christe for her information ,and i was hospitalised for an year in unconcious way , i gave lot of trouble to my man and he went away from me at present.try to use contraseptives,other wise dont go for intercose without having for an child , baby is a gift from god no one can get when they need ,its not not like a chocolate to buy when we want ,dont such a pain to your girlfriend my dears!

  9. Oh, for pete’s sake.

    Always double down on protection, always! Pill if possible, spermicidal condoms, anything else you’ve got, use it. And then if something goes wrong, like a condom break? Find the nearest place that dispenses morning-after pills and get them. (Do NOT use this instead of condoms or the pill, it’s your backup). Then if you still get pregnant, and you’re sure you want to abort, schedule as soon as you can at a clinic. You’ll likely either be given another round of pills.

    But don’t delay. I know it’s scary, but each of those steps outlined above increase in price as you go further along. Condoms are cheap, the morning-after a little steeper, clinic abortion most expensive. Do NOT wait until you’re further along, unless you’re seriously considering keeping the child. And as always, adoption’s an answer.

    There is no legal reason not to get an abortion. Do what’s best for you, talk it over with your partner, and then don’t delay after your decision’s made. You have every right to abort, just as you have every right to keep the child. Do not let hysterics press their opinions on you — this is a decision you will live with either way, so make sure it’s the best one FOR YOU.

  10. hi,
    My wifi is 19 year old,she was pragnent about 46 days,unfortunetly this is lost. one abortion is done,now my question is
    1)is their any problen occer in next pregnencey?
    2)when we should take the next pragnencey?
    3)is their any process/test for the condition of uteraus?

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