Giving birth to a baby is a dream of every woman. When you have any difficulty in becoming pregnant, it can be the most distressing issue for you.

But don’t worry; there are certain ways that you can implement in your regular routine to increase fertility.

However, there can be certain things like ovulation problems, age, damaged fallopian tubes that you can’t change. But, don’t lose your hope till the end.

Ways to improve fertility!

Here are few ways that you can easily employ in your regular lifestyle to improve your chances of getting pregnant.regular diet

Focus on your diet!

You might have already know the fact that healthy food is very essential for you to stay healthy and fit. You have to essentially include at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your routine diet.

Make your regular diet well balanced with essential nutrients and vitamins. You should also include various antioxidant foods in your regular diet to avoid infections and inflammations.

Watch your weight!

Proper body weight that is healthy for your height is very essential to improve your fertility. If your body mass index is more than 29, you can have very less chances to get pregnant.

Being over weight and also underweight certainly disrupts your menstrual cycle and mainly influences your regular ovulation process. So, try to maintain proper body weight to increase your chances of pregnancy. Additionally this can help you to maintain better health.

Be active!

Good physical fitness is very essential for you. Don’t be lazy to do your own things. Include enough physical activity in your regular routine. This can help you a lot to increase your fertility chances.

Exercise regularly!

Regular exercises not only boost your fertility, they also help you to prevent various health complications in future. Particularly if you are overweight, it is very essential for you to exercise and maintain fitness routine.

Avoid smoking!

As you already know, smoking can have very bad effect on your health. It contributes mainly to reduce your chances of fertility. So, try to realize the harmful effects of smoking and quit it as soon as possible to increase your chances of pregnancy.

If you are really concerned about your pregnancy, apart from following these certain ways, take necessary suggestions from your personal physician to improve your fertility.


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  2. One of my friend is underweight, will you provide some tips so she could gain weight? she takes good and proper diet but still she is very lean and thin.

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