Have you decided to have a baby? The most important thing which you have to know is how to take good care of yourself when you are pregnant.

Taking good care of yourself can help you a lot in giving birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy is an ideal time for you to take good care of yourself both mentally and physically.

If you worry how to take better care of yourself, here are certain tips that can greatly help you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Employ these ways in your regular routine and enjoy the success in delivering healthy offspring.healthy pregnancy

Tips for healthy pregnancy

Take folic acid supplements and include fish in your normal diet!

Folic acid supplement is the only option that can truly prevent various neural tube defects in babies, including  spina bifda (causes of spina bifida). Some studies have proven that fish oils, which are the main sources for omega-3 fatty acids, can have significant benefit on new born baby’s weight.

So, include fish oils in your normal diet that mainly contain proteins, vitamin-D, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids to help in healthy growth of your baby.

Don’t go on diet!

Dieting during pregnancy is very dangerous for both you as well as for your developing offspring. If you feel that you are overweight, you can improve your diet by simply cutting down extra calories and practicing regular body workouts.

Be cautious with abrupt weight gain!

If you gain weight abruptly, then it can imply any abnormal health condition that is dangerous for you and also for your developing baby. Try to put on weight gradually by eating healthy foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Quit smoking!

It is believed that women who smoke excessively are at increased risk of miscarriage (miscarriage signs), premature delivery or stillbirth. Smoking mainly causes various health hazards and it is quite harmful for your unborn offspring. So, it is always best to give up smoking, if at all you are trying to conceive.

Eat small and frequent meals!

Small and frequent meals are very essential for your health. Even, if you are not hungry, try to eat for every four hours that can mainly help your baby to grow healthy.

If you are suffering with morning sickness, food aversions, indigestion or heart burns, it is always suggested for you to have 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 full meals.

Practice pelvic floor exercises!

When you are pregnant, it is very common for you to experience stress incontinence. You can get better relief by performing certain pelvic floor exercises (kegel exercises). These exercises mainly strengthen your pelvic muscles and help you to have healthy pregnancy.

Apart from following these essential steps, you should also go for regular health check ups.

Discuss with your doctor about your overall health condition, previous episodes of abnormal pregnancies (if you have any) and take better precautions to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.