For most of the women abortion is not just medical procedure, but it is considered as life changing event, which can bring significant physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences.

Apart from being a simple medical procedure, it has considerable risks involved with it. Some of the significant abortion risks are discussed below.

Significant risks involved in abortion:

  • Heavy bleeding: Bleeding after the abortion procedure is quite common. But if your cervix is torn or punctured then it can lead to heavy, abnormal bleeding. This kind of severe bleeding after abortion is known as hemorrhaging. Only in some cases, this kind of abortion risk needs surgery.Abortion Risk
  • Infections: Any fetal part left inside the womb (abnormal or incomplete abortion) can cause infections for your pelvic parts. These infections can also be caused due to the surgical instruments which are inserted into the uterus during the surgery. The pelvic infection can be identified with persistent fever.
  • Incomplete abortion: Some times the abortion can be incomplete with some unwanted fetal parts left inside the uterus. This can lead to severe complications after the abortion.
  • Perforation of the uterus: The major risk in abortion is puncturing or perforation of the uterus. This can be due to improper use of surgical instruments during the surgery. This kind of risks in abortion can lead to hysterectomy that is removal of uterus.
  • Damage to internal organs: The surgical procedure involved in abortion has many complications. During the surgery, the surrounding organs near the uterus can be injured. This is also one of the major factors of abortion risks.
  • Scars on the uterus lining: Because of suction tubing, curettes and the use of other surgical instruments there is a chance for permanent scars on uterus lining.
  • Cervix injury: Cervix puncture is a considerable risk in abortion. Damage or injury to cervix can cause severe vaginal bleeding which in turn needs a surgical repair.
  • Anesthesia: There are several complications involved with the use of general anesthesia during the surgery. It can cause heart attack, convulsion in body functions and in some rare cases it can lead to death.

Other significant abortion risks:

  • Breast cancer: This is considered as major risk in abortion. About 50% of women are affected by this type of cancer after abortion.
  • Premature delivery: When you go through one or more induced abortion surgeries, there is a significantly increased risk of premature delivery in future. This kind of abortion risk is mainly associated with several complications like cerebral palsy, prematurity in brain, eye problems and several bowel diseases.
  • Infertility: This is a very rare case in the risks of abortion, where a woman might not get pregnancy in future.
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases: This can be a life threatening risk for you after abortion, which can lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy. About 5% of women suffer with pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Psychological effects of abortion:

Many women suffer with emotional and psychological problems after experiencing abortion. Some of these problems are depression, acute feeling of grief and fear of disclosure, eating disorders, suicide tendencies, anxiety and also increased consumption of alcohol and drugs.

These are some of the risks involved in abortion. So think before you go for an abortion surgery. Avoid abortion, unless and until it is obligatory in terms of your health.


  1. I think that the only a reason lady should have an abortion is because of rape or incest because there is many ways you can avoid having a baby. Havent you heard of condoms and birth control. For all you ladys out there thinking about having an abortion please dont forget that at nine weeks your innocent baby can feel pain. Dont believe me look it up

  2. hi,
    i am going to terminate my pregnancy for the second time now. and i am going to do it on the day i have missed my period. what kind of risks are involved in this? what precautions do i need to take from here on? please reply asap.

  3. Hello my name is Rebecca and im ONly 15 and i no that abortion is wrong. I no that if you are out doing something you need to take in what you did dont kill a baby that wants to live and cant help its self you are just rude you are taking there freedom this is just not for girls its for you boys to stand up and be a man and take care of what most likey you wanted to happen. what i mean by that is you wanted the girl to do it with you. as far as rape give it to a family that would want that baby cuz they would be happy no matter how the baby was made. As far as incest i guess thats okay cuz the baby might die anyway and go through pain. Im not saying this to be mean im just saying his so you no what your doing and you dont get lost about what you wanna do with your baby just be smart god doesnt want you 2 kill his children. He gave them to you for a reason. Its a gift not a punishment. TAKE A STAND AND TAKE CARE OF WHAT YOU MADE!!! I dont have no kids but i do no people that have went through this and its wrong!

  4. well i think that abortion is wrong i will never kill a baby.and 4 all these ppl out here getting one y ? i understand if it was a rape case then thats understandable but if its not then y? i think if u women and young ladies wanna put ur self out there and not protect yourself then thats ur wrong doing not the babies so y kill it your the one that was being grown enough to have sex then u should be grown enough to take care of that baby !!!

  5. I think people need to stop preaching and forcing their opinions and beliefs upon others. What right do you have to tell other people what to do with their body? It is none of your business if a woman wants to have an abortion. Everyone makes mistakes, it is what makes us human.
    I have not had an abortion myself but had I got pregnant in my previous years then I probably would have.

  6. to s james :

    because its wrong!!!!! everybody makes mistakes yeah you fail to be a mother why wont you hurt yourself instead of killing an innocent baby

  7. im a 15 year old girl and im pregnant… i need help to decide if i should keep my baby or abort it , please help me by giving your views and opinions

  8. to annie.c:

    please do not abort the baby, child is a gift from God, i did dat some years back but now i’m regreting. may God bless u as u keep d baby.

  9. It is not always easy to have an abortion, but when the baby that you are carrying causes medical risk for the mother, then you do not have any other options but to have an abortion. The mother loves her own child and the idea of an abortion is the last thing that she may do, and this is from experience.

  10. Abortion is a sin and a very wicked thing to do to an innocent child, I did it in the past because of pressure from my devlish and wicked partner as a result of contraceptive failure but how devlish the man can be on aboting the three month old pregnancy he becan to titure me with the photograph of a previous child and the mother in his wallet indirectly calling me a fool, thinking it would end there no, he took money from our joint account to appease bthe other woman and her child and the other woman’s parents, 18 years have come now but i cant get over the hurt, shock and humiliation and guilt, to ad to it all i ended up with a mental health problem , of recent i have been trying for a baby for over a year but it’s like the soul of the aborted cannot be appeased such that i can only keep beging God, for even though i was pressurised to do the termination etc, i was the one that suffered and i keep cursing the man nearly everyday…

  11. Annie, it is completely your decision on what step to take next. Personally I think your too young, no disrespect but your still a child yourself. Dont listen to comments such as, “dont kill your baby”, or “god gave u a gift”,etc… The child was not a gift from god at all but a gift from the guy you conceived with. I think you should sit with someone your close to and discuss what would be the best, things like if I go ahead with the pregnancy can I give the child a good life? Will I be a good parent? Will the father be there? Can I provide for the child? There is lots more questions you need to ask yourself before making a decision, until you have you wont be able to make a one! Im 26 and just found out im 3 weeks pregnant, due to the condom splitting, darn thing. I always said I would never have an abortion but after asking myself some questions ive decided it just wouldnt be fair to bring a child into the situation I am in, my partner of 4 years has just quit his job and left me so im not in a position to support a child, I grew up finding out my dad wasnt my biological father and then when I was 16 my dad left my mum and had 2 children with another woman, Ive only just learned to accept the way my life has turned out but im not willing to put my child through the hell I went through. Dont look for advice from people your own age, at 15 you dont even understand your own life never mind giving life to another. Mistakes happen, your not a bad person if you decide against it! The fact that your even seeking help shows your a good person. Try not to worry about it but please dont leave it too long because the longer you leave it the harder your decision will be. I hope your okay and everything works out well for YOU! G x

  12. dear annie i am 17 i have no children but so many of my friends do and they r so happy they didnt mean for it to happen and like these ppl say ppl make mistakes i do as well and im not proud ot them i have never had an abortion or ne thing like tht i dont like it but it happens its your body and ur choice. i am a christian but i let ppl make there own decisions cuz its there body there choice good luck dear child blessed be.

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