Are you suffering with heavy irregular bleeding?

Dilation and curettage is the method used to treat heavy or abnormal bleeding during your menstrual periods.

Apart from this, dilation and curettage method is also used to remove the tissues left in the womb after the miscarriages or abortion.

Now-a-days, Dilation and curettage (D&C) is the routine procedure of removing the unwanted tissues from the uterus and it is considered as the safe and minor surgery, which can be performed at hospital or even at your gynecologist’s clinic, provided with necessary equipments.Dilation and curettage

Dilation and curettage to determine health of uterine:

Dilation and curettage is usually performed to determine the health of your uterine lining and it is also helpful in correcting certain problems in the uterus. There are many reasons to recommend dilation and curettage.

Reasons behind recommending dilation and curettage:

Irregular bleeding: This is one of the common reasons for performing the D&C to you. If you suffer with abnormal vaginal spotting in between your periods, then your health care provider can recommend dilation and curettage to know the exact cause for abnormal bleeding.

Heavy bleeding: This is most worrisome reason for any women. Heavy bleeding creates irritation and discomfort for you. Bleeding with heavy, long periods after your menopause can create many problems for your reproductive system.

These manifestations need not be investigated immediately. Maintain a record of your regular periods. If you find any abnormalities, then consult your health care provider for further diagnosis of the disease.

Fibroid tumors: About 20% of the women suffer with these non-cancerous tumors or fibroids grown along the walls of your uterus. These fibroids are the root cause for chronic pains and heavy bleeding and also responsible for irregular bleeding. Polyps like fibroids are also non-cancerous growth in uterus which can cause irregular bleeding.

Miscarriages: Due to premature labor or miscarriages, some of the tissues of the fetus will remain in your womb. These tissues can cause several problems for your uterus. So, in order to remove these unwanted tissues from the uterus, dilation and curettage is recommended. It is not always necessary to perform D&C for miscarriages.

You should avoid D&C if you have these problems:

  1. If you have any pelvic infections, then there is chance for bacterial infection to enter into your vagina and cervix through the surgical instruments used in dilation and curettage. Due to these infections, the infected tissue can be injured more. So, you need to stay away with dilation and curettage procedure till your pelvic infections get cleared.
  2. Women with certain blood disorders are generally not treated with D&C. It depends on your body’s ability to stop the clotting of blood after the curettage.
  3. If you are suffering with any heart or lung disorders, then this procedure is not recommended.

Important steps to follow after the dilation and curettage procedure:

  1. Try to avoid intercourse for at least two weeks after the surgery, as the cervix needs some time to get back to its normal size.
  2. After the surgery, there is chance for your vagina to bleed. So, always use only sanitary pad for bleeding and try to avoid tampons for 2 weeks.
  3. Whenever you feel severe abdominal cramps and fever, which does not give any relief even after using medications, then immediately seek medical advice.
  4. Prolonged heavy bleeding (more than six hours) or foul smelling discharge from vagina is the sign of infection. Whenever you find these symptoms, immediately seek medical advice with out neglecting.