Innocence is scary, ignorance is a crime and womanhood is a blessing! But to a very young lady of 9 or 10 years old it could be a mix of all feelings. So to prepare you deal with the emotions let’s deal with the facts, to help you overcome the fear.

The first thing to do when you suddenly found out one day that you are bleeding is not to panic. This is called menstruation that officially brings you to a new level that is called womanhood.

Call your mom or sister and ask for a sanitary napkin, it should be easy to use as this is just like a mini diaper. Then take deep breaths and read on…

Things you should remember are the following:

Menstruation is a cycle which means you will have this regularly although it may be irregular in terms of when and the number of days you will have it. Normally a cycle is between 24 to 42 days apart and the bleeding occurs between 3 to 7 days.

You will experience a little discomfort a week or two before the menstrual flow because of the hormonal and physiological changes that will take place.

There is also a condition called pre-menstrual syndrome where you will experience symptoms like: acne eruption, breast swelling, feeling being bloated, headache and to some craving for sweets.

You will also be more emotional during this time and be easily irritated or depressed. After the menstruation though, everything should be back to normal.

Activities that you normally do need not be changed just because you are having your period; in fact it is advisable to do exercises regularly so you will feel relaxed and you will have a positive disposition, this will also help you deal with the discomfort that you have.

In dealing with the discomforts you may add; avoid salty and fatty foods to minimize feeling bloated, you may take an analgesic if you are having cramps, warm compress over the abdomen may also help relieve the pain. And most importantly, talk about your feelings and tell your mom or sister your questions.

An important reminder: menstruation is an important part of a girl’s life as this signifies her womanhood. So it should be treated with respect and caution because once a lady starts to menstruate it means she is capable of conceiving a child.