Many women today prefer to wait until they are financially secure and emotionally mature before to conceiving a baby, and in many cases this isn’t until a woman has reached her 30’s and if so she is likely to want to conceive a baby quickly.

Quite simply getting pregnant is about getting familiar with one’s cycle and having sex in a way that maximizes a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. If you have made up your mind about conceiving a baby, then make sure that you improve your chances of getting pregnant fast by keeping some of the following tips in mind.

Make sure mom and dad to be are in the best possible health

Conceiving a BabyIt takes two to tango, obviously and it is the same for conceiving a baby – eating healthy, getting regular exercise, giving up bad habits such as smoking or substance abuse, taking regular exercise and getting to one’s ideal weight is important not just for a mother to be but for the dad to be as well.

Having a balanced diet that is rich in natural nutrients derived from fruit and veg and whole grain as well as high quality protein can help the fertility of males as well as females.

Pay heed to how and how often you have sex

When it comes to conceiving a baby, having sex very often may actually decrease one’s chances of getting pregnant. Although couples should be having sex regularly; having sex once in two days is thought to be the ideal frequency for conceiving. This gives the sperm time to replenish. Also the missionary position is thought to be the best position for getting pregnant. This position can be tweaked a bit by placing a pillow beneath a woman’s hips to enhance chances.

Know your cycle

A woman should know roughly when she ovulates by monitoring the dates of her period, by checking her cervical mucus and the changes observed in it and other signs that she may be ovulating. Timing sexual intercourse to coincide with ovulation is the key to conceiving a baby.

While some women ovulate like clockwork halfway through their cycle (on an average this is 14 days after the first date of a period and similarly about 14 days before the start of the next one), others have to rely on other indicators of ovulation. Some women get a slight cramping when they ovulate, or may find that their cervical mucus changes to a clear, stretchy egg-white consistency.

Go high tech

There are lots of aids that will help a woman time her intercourse to increase her chances of getting pregnant quickly. One of the significant body chances that occur during ovulation is that the basal body temperature rises.

A basal body thermometer can be used to monitor ovulation and that will help a woman in conceiving a baby at the earliest possible time. Also tests (saliva tests, blood tests and so on) and gadgets and digital monitoring systems that detect certain temperature and hormonal changes in body can help to detect ovulation.