Before thinking about the common causes of miscarriage at 6 weeks, you should know that the majority of miscarriages take place at this point. The good news is that usually women don’t even know that they are pregnant, so this isn’t perceived as a loss.


In many cases, the doctors don’t really know what causes the miscarriage. The most common causes include chromosomal abnormalities, diabetes, collagen vascular disease and other hormonal problems.

Chromosomal abnormalities

Common Causes of Miscarriage at 6 WeeksWhen thinking about the common miscarriage causes during the 6th pregnancy week you should know that the chromosomes are microscopic elements that make up the body. They duplicate and divide, and at some point a problem might occur. Such problems are common in case of the couples who experienced several pregnancy losses.

In about half of the cases, the embryo had some chromosomal problem. Since miscarriages are common during the first trimester, they are considered normal, unless they occur several times. With age, the chances of having a miscarriage increase especially after the age of 35.

Collagen vascular diseases

These diseases refer to the situation when the cells of the body are attacking the body. The problems associated with miscarriage include antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus.


Although diabetes can be well managed even during pregnancy, it is still one of the common causes of miscarriage at 6 weeks. It is also important to know that the condition can lead to birth defects of the baby. However if you take good care of yourself and you control the disease, you can be sure that there won’t be any problems during the pregnancy.

Hormonal factors

There are several factors of this kind that can be found among the common miscarriage causes during the 6th week of pregnancy. These include thyroid disease, Cushing’s syndrome and PCOS. It is also believed that the inadequate functioning of the corpus luteum can lead to miscarriage too.

Although there are numerous common causes of miscarriage at 6 weeks, this isn’t something that you should be thinking about during your pregnancy. Most probably by the time you find out you are pregnant, you will be past the 6th week.