Have you ever been told that you are not pregnant, even though you have an egg in your uterus?

If at all this is the case, then you can feel a bit confused and depressed with the condition.

This particular condition of miscarriage is commonly known as blighted ovum and it can mainly happen when a fertilized egg attaches itself to uterine walls.

A blighted ovum miscarriage usually takes place in your first trimester, before you know that you are pregnant. It is the most common cause for early pregnancy loss in women.

Blighted ovum possibly takes place when a full fertilized egg, which has already developed placenta and membrane, sticks to the walls of your uterus and hence there will not be any growth of embryo in your womb.blighted ovum

This kind of miscarriage usually takes place in those women who normally experience chromosomal abnormalities with their fertilized egg.

What are the blighted ovum symptoms?

With blighted ovum, you can miss a period and can also have a positive result in your pregnancy test. This is mainly due to the reason that the placenta developed by the fertilized egg typically secretes a pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG).

When your placenta starts secreting the HCG, you can eventually experience certain symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness or fatigue. But, as soon as the placenta stops its growth, then the hormone levels get reduced and your pregnancy symptoms tend to subside.

At this stage you can experience minor abdominal cramps and bleeding or even you can notice light spotting from your vagina.

When can you try for a pregnancy again?

After having the early pregnancy failure, with in 4 to 6 weeks, your menstrual cycle starts as usual. Some of the most experienced researchers recommend that you can start trying to conceive again after completing this particular menstrual cycle.

Even though you are ready physically to conceive again, you might feel disturbed or depressed emotionally. Every one of you can usually cope up with the grief of blighted ovum in your own way. But in some women it can take months to get mentally stubborn and they can take some time to develop an interest for another pregnancy.

Is there any possibility to experience blighted ovum again?

No! If you have experienced the condition of blighted ovum once in your life, never try to be in the misconception that it can happen to you again. However, it is quite common for you to get anxious about your miscarriage. It has been told by many fertility experts that even you shouldn’t consider a single pregnancy loss as sign, which can indicate that there’s some thing wrong with your partner.

Being aware of all these conditions and taking proper care during your pregnancy period can help you a lot in leading a wonderful life.


  1. i was pragnant for 4 months. but i lossed. doctor said it was a blighted ovum & washed it last april. i have psoriasis from lasr 21 years when i was just 8 years. i have not took any steroied tablet from last 2 years. so what can i do now a days. i want to conceive. after how many months i will conceive. after washed my belly is big – why? can i exerceise. if i can – what exerceise i can do? if no- after howmany days i can.now a days sometime small bleeding. pls advice me pls

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