There is a ‘new and improved’ emergency contraceptive available now; which claims to be better and more effective morning after pill than the ones we currently know about (levonorgestrel which goes by the name Plan B and Plan B One-Step, and the generic name Next Choice).

emergency contraceptiveThe new morning after pill is an FDA approved drug called uliprisal acetate, marketed under the brand name Ella.

Like the other emergency contraceptive pills, this one also interferes with the pregnancy hormone progesterone and thereby suppresses ovulation and consequent conception.

However the main difference between the two kinds of emergency pills is that the new drug offers a larger window of efficacy – this drug could remain effective up to 120 hours after sexual intercourse as against the 72 hours of efficacy that the other drugs promise.

Since the effects of Ella are thought to persist over that longer period of time, studies have been able to demonstrate that this drug could be more effective at preventing a pregnancy.

The other difference between levonorgestrel and the newer drug Ella is that levonorgestrel is now available over the counter and without a prescription; whereas Ella still requires prescription. Also levonorgestrel has been available for 50 years and as such has a strong safety record.