According to official statistics on young women attending American colleges, nearly 40% make use of oral contraceptives.

These contraceptives have seen huge price hikes since 2006. In many cases, the cost of “the pill” has doubled and even traveled in just two over years.

A new proposal from President Obama will seek to reverse that trend, through a small provision in the massive budget stimulus bill announced by the new government that will see financial and other incentives offered to drug manufacturers if they reduce the wholesale cost of oral contraceptives to college health care facilities.oral contraceptives

The government freely admits that these incentives may not be actually taken up by the contraceptive manufacturers but he is hopeful that behind-the-scenes maneuvering will produce a large-scale reduction in prices for young women.

Health officials at the nation’s colleges welcomed the President’s new initiative stating that it would help to alleviate the number of unwanted pregnancies in young and vulnerable college girls.

The reason that the price has escalated so rapidly is that at the end of 2006 the Bush administration removed a set of incentives that encouraged contraceptive manufacturers to offer large-scale discounts to amongst other institutions College health care clinics.

The President also pointed out that many young women often stick with their contraceptive choice for their entire sexual lives; therefore, it was in the interest of manufacturers to discount their products in order to gain new customers that would supply them with income for perhaps decades to come.