Gifts, cards and traditional valentine day items are passé – a new city wide campaign conducted by the San Francisco Public Health department has something unique up its sleeve for the fourteenth of this month, and they are promoting female condoms for this Valentine Day!

female condomFemale condoms are not a new phenomenon, and in fact can be quite a convenient device for preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies, since they can be inserted in advance and do not have to interrupt intercourse.

However, it was not a concept that caught on that much with consumers.

The new and improved female condom has now been developed by the Female Health Company – the FC2 boasts of a newer design and also thinner material to increase tactile pleasure.

The campaign will help to increase awareness of the female condom, the way it can be used and how it can help prevent sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancies.

The campaign will include posters and other promotional materials on buses and so on. Also there will be a ‘Teacher Bus’ that will trundle around town handing out not just mints and chocolates but also the condoms.

To get more information about the FC2 female condom, the website has all the details.