Many of us, either for religious or medical reasons, or simply because we don’t want to use any interventionist methods if we can help it, pick this over any other kind. So what are the different types of natural contraception and how effective is each type?


It is obvious that abstinence, which is partners refraining from any kind of sexual activity, is the most effective form of natural contraception. It is also 100% effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

types of natural contraceptionThis may not be practical for married couples, but it can be an effective method to have teens delay becoming sexually active and hence this is good for younger people.


This (also called Coitus Interruptus by some) involves sexual intercourse where the male withdraws from the female prior to ejaculation and ejaculates outside the vagina.

While this can be effective, it is only a partly effective form of natural contraception since pre-ejaculate fluid does in fact enter the vagina during intercourse and this fluid can cause conception since it contains sperm. It is possible to get pregnant without penile penetration even, if ejaculation occurs close to the vagina.

Calendar method

This method is based on calculations of fertile days of a month based on the menstrual cycle of a woman. The days when the woman is going to be most fertile is calculated based on her menstrual cycle, and on these days, the barrier method or the abstinence is used to prevent conception. This is however a less reliable method of natural contraception and in particular women with irregular cycles cannot hope to use it successfully.

Fertility Awareness

This method of natural contraception involves looking for several kinds of bodily signs of ovulation, such as cervical mucus or type and consistency of discharge, checking the basal body temperature and recording them to figure out when ovulation occurs.

The rule of thumb in this method is abstaining from sex for 7 days before ovulation and 2 days after and wil typically involve a lot of effort and accurate records to be kept.

Breastfeeding or Lactational Amenorrhea Method

Breastfeeding as a form of natural contraception is unreliable at best. Though some women do stop ovulating during lactation, many don’t and can easily get pregnant even when breastfeeding.

And even women who do stop menstruating during breast feeding, should not use this method for longer than 6 months after the arrival of the baby (which is typically when the baby will start solids and may require less breast milk).

Outer course

This is a natural contraception method that involves no actual sexual intercourse, or sex that stops short of actual penile penetration. It could involve oral sex, petting, arousing massage, manual stimulation, use of toys, mutual masturbation etc.

This form of natural contraception could fail if ejaculation takes place close to the vagina, or if pre ejaculate fluid finds its way into the vagina. This method is also not able to offer protection against STDs.