It brought with it a revolution when the birth control pill was first made available 50 years ago. It was supposed to make each child a wanted child, and offer reproductive freedom to couples and choices for women not available previously.

Apart from birth control, the pill is prescribed to help with painful periods, fight anemia, reduce risk of ovarian and uterine cancer and even clear up acne.

birth control pillHowever, there are some startling facts about women’s reproductive health today even after 50 years of the pill’s ready availability and wide use:

  • 12 million American women take the pill
  • 80% will use it at some time
  • As many as half of the pregnancies in the United States are unintended
  • As many as 22% pregnancies end in abortion
  • It was thought that the pill would curb worldwide population explosion by helping couples keep families small. It was thought that the pill would create a revolution resulting in happier sex lives and fewer divorces. This promise of the pill has certainly not reached fruition.
  • The pill was thought to be fool proof but wasn’t so; it was associated with risks and side effects as well.

Source: LA Times


  1. nice article,but can u describe the side effect.. people said it can make u unfertility,is it true?? thanks before

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