The original morning after pill or  emergency contraception pill which also goes by the name Plan B was designed to be a two dose treatment.

One dose to be administered/swallowed as soon after intercourse as possible and the second to be taken 12 hours thereafter. This new morning after pill will be a single dose. This product will be available from about August 2009.

Also access to Morning After Pill is to be eased, and a court order directing that the drug be sold to 17 year olds even without prescription is to be enforced. Soon teens under 18 will have over the counter, non prescription access to the Plan B formulation.plan B

In another court decision related to morning after pills, a circuit court of appeals has ruled that a pharmacist must dispense the morning after pill; i.e. that the pharmacist would not be permitted a choice in the matter based on religious belief or personal convictions.

Earlier a lawsuit was filed claiming religious beliefs should allow pharmacists to refuse to stock and provide emergency contraception to their customers and sought to overturn regulation that required all pharmacists to stock the emergency contraception. This ruling is bound to have far reaching national consequences even though it is currently passed in regard to the Washington state.


  1. I had sex with my gf today, so if we had sex tomorrow again and after she takes the pill, is it still going to work???

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