There are a very wide variety of birth control methods to choose from; ranging from the barrier methods, to the hormonal methods; the natural family planning methods to surgical ways to prevent pregnancy.

When it comes to the natural methods of limiting family or spacing children, many are compelled to rely on them and yet others choose them for various reasons discussed below:

Religious reasons for picking natural family planning methods

Natural Family Planning MethodsCertain religions frown on or officially prohibit the use of artificial contraceptives. For instance the catholic view is that God created sexual intercourse from procreation, so sexual intercourse intended to prevent this natural aim of procreation is opposed to order.

Catholic theology accepts abstinence during the fertile period of a woman’s cycle or the using the lack of fertility that results from breastfeeding to space children as an acceptable for or natural birth control.

So if many couples choose to embrace natural family planning methods, it is often in order to follow the dictates of religion and remain true to their faith.

Economic reasons for natural family planning methods

While artificial birth control methods such as the barrier methods will mean a recurring cost in terms of birth control pills, condoms or the cost involved in installation of intra uterine devices and so on, natural birth control is free. Abstinence on the fertile days of the month, the rhythm method, and the withdrawal method are completely free and involve no cost, use of any apparatus and so on.

Effect on Fertility

IUDs such as Mirena can cause long term infertility, and in fact is recommended only for women how have finished having children. Even birth control pills can cause a woman’s cycle to be upset to the extent that she may not be able conceive for several months even after she stops taking the birth control pills.

Surgical methods of birth control such as tubal ligation etc, can often be irreversible and many couples prefer a natural family planning method that does not impact fertility.

Personal reasons for using natural family planning methods

Many couples do not like the interruption that using condoms and similar methods of contraception can mean. They feel that this interruption can hinder spontaneity and negatively impact arousal and enjoyment of intercourse.

Yet others do not like the idea of introducing any kind of artificial hormones into the system, either because of the side effects or because of possible long term consequences.

The idea that there is nothing needed for contraception except keeping a track of dates, is something that appeals to many couples who choose natural family planning.

Environmental reasons for using natural family planning methods

Use of contraceptive devices such as condoms creates waste that is difficult if not impossible to biodegrade. Also use of hormones can mean a consequence to the environment: for instance it is thought that when birth control pills are excreted into the water ways they may cause infertility in fish. Many of the other environmental impacts are not even known yet, which cause couples to pick natural birth control methods.