Contraception is a process or method through which one or both the partners try to prevent the chances of pregnancy. Contraception is a way which is a part of family planning and has several advantages. But natural contraception is a better way as it has no real side effects. Natural conceptive methods or remedies are ones which do not require the need of any compounds or drugs and can help in the prevention of pregnancy. If you wish to know more about the natural conception remedies, then you can read the following given information:

Natural Contraception Remedies

Calendar or Rhythm Method


This is a way of natural contraception in which a couple has to refrain from sexual contact during the period of the menstrual cycle in which the ovulation is taking place. This method has one disadvantage that it lacks exactness and reliability due to the unreliable d accurate menstrual cycle of most women. In order to know the ovulation period, an individual needs to keep check on her menstrual cycle very closely. The starting date should be marked on a calendar and the period of ovulation should be then calculated.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Method

Almost all women experience a slight rise in body temperature after the ovulation period. This happens due to increase in the progesterone hormone level. Using this information, a woman has to keep check of the body temperature each morning before getting out of the bed so that the basal body temperature can be recorded in the ovulation chart. It is important to have sexual intercourse on the day when the body temperature drops down because the temperature of the body drops down about ovulation. This happens because most of the women ovulate after the rise in the body temperature.

Apart from these methods, making dietary changes can also help for natural contraception. The following are some foods one can eat to ensure contraception:

  • Wild yam is a typical contraceptive herb which has been proven to prevent a lot of unwanted pregnancies all across the globe.
  • Queen Anne’s lace: the seed of Queen Anne ’s lace or wild carrot has been known as a natural contraceptive herb for thousands of years and is still used by many women to ensure that they don’t get pregnant. These seeds are harvested in the fall season and have to be consumed orally after vaginal sex for maximum effect. They make the uterus slippery which makes implantation of the egg impossible.