Women use it only in case of emergencies, but still we should consider the morning after pill side effects. These pills are able to clear the uterus in case an egg has been fertilized, but in the same time it could represent some risks to the health of the user.

Head and brain …and morning after pill side effects

These pills could have an effect on the head or brain of women, including cerebral hemorrhage, melisma that could last for long periods of time, cerebral thrombosis, headache, migraine, and dizziness. These are some health issues that you have to keep an eye out for in case you use the pill.

Morning After Pill Side EffectsEyes

Although the majority of women don’t think about this when they consider the emergency pill side effects, these may include retinal thrombosis which means that the vein that transports blood to the eyes is blocked. Another side effect could be a change in the corneal curvature.

Heart and blood

Since the ingredients of the pill get into the circulatory system, it is impossible for the morning after pill side effects not to involve the blood and heart. The possible side effects include venous thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, mesenteric thrombosis or hemorrhagic eruption.

Some other emergency pill side effects regarding the heart and blood include arterial thromboembolism, pulmonary embolism, hemolytic uremic syndrome, myocardial infarction and Budd-Chiari syndrome that refers to the blockage of the veins that transport the deoxygenated blood.


According to researches, about 5% of women are sensible regarding thromboembolic diseases. Regarding them the morning after pill side effects could cause blood clots. This is because it is just as if they took 50 birth control pills from the hormone levels’ point of view.

Ectopic pregnancy

Professionals consider the possibility to having ectopic pregnancy as one of the emergency pill side effects. This doesn’t mean that in case you take the pill you won’t have a normal pregnancy, but the chances of having problems increase considerably.

Other medication

Another one of the morning after pill side effects is that they could interfere with the effects of other medication that you are taking. The specialists are most concerned in case you are also taking warfarin medication, because the pill has an effect on the medication.

Cervical cancer

When you are thinking about the emergency pill side effects you should also consider that the high level of hormones found in the pill could trigger the formation of the cancer. The chances are quite high in case of the women who have been affected by HPV (human papillomavirus).

Menstrual cycle

Even the people who are supporters of the pill have to admit that the morning after pill side effects include a change in the menstrual cycle. The effect of the pill is major in case of the cycle, and this is why women aren’t advised to use the method too often.

As a result, if the menstrual changes occur it will be a lot more difficult for women to determine whether they are pregnant or not if their period is late. It becomes simply impossible to know when you should have your period and what is normal.

Contraception pill

In some cases the emergency pill side effects are similar to the side effects of the birth control pills. There are some side effects that are so mild that women don’t even link them with the side effects. There are some other side effects as well besides the ones mentioned.

The morning after pill side effects include breast tenderness, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea. About 50% of the women who take the pill experience nausea in the following 24 hours and about 20% of these women throw up.

Avoiding nausea

As it has been mentioned nausea is a common one of the emergency pill side effects but there are some steps that you could take. It is important not to take the pill first thing in the morning. Although it is called ‘morning after pill’, it isn’t a must to take it in the morning, you could also take it a bit later.

There is a lot to know about morning after pill side effects, so read the instructions before taking the emergency pill.