When it comes to avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, there are several mechanisms which can be used, out of which, consuming birth control pills seems easiest. The oral contraceptives have a long history and they have been used for several years. The fact that these are relatively safe drugs makes them even more popular among the women.

Another big reason behind the immense popularity and wide acceptance of the birth control pills is that they can easily be bought from any drugstore without the prescription. Moreover, if you want, you can get a free birth control prescription online and can overcome the worries related to the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

Here are some vital facts about the birth control pills and why you should consider them as the best contraceptive to use.

The Low-down on Birth Control and Where You Can Get It

Birth Control Pills Are Completely Safe To Use

Owing to the increasing popularity of birth control pills, they have become a mainstream contraceptive being used by a high percentage of women. While all the versions of the birth control pills are safe, but, as they have now become mainstream, one of the biggest changes that have occurred in their formulations is the introduction of new “low-dose” medications.

Earlier the hormone levels in these pills used to be quite higher, but, now you can get low dose formulations.

While there are no health risks associated with birth control pills, but since they contain hormones, the blood clots are among one of the biggest concerns related to these pills. But, the same is the scenario with pregnancy, which also comes with a bigger and higher risk of blood clots.

Birth Control Pills Use A Dual Mechanism To Avoid Pregnancy

These pills work in two different ways to prevent the pregnancy. While some pills only contain a hormone named “progestin”, the others have two hormones in their composition “progestin” as well as “estrogen”. However, both provide dual protection.

First, they prevent the women from ovulating and secondly,  they thicken the cervical mucus due to which it becomes highly difficult for a male sperm to penetrate through the cervix and contact the egg of an ovulating woman.

It’s Important To take These Pills Regularly and on-Time

Most of the women wonder that what would happen if they miss their birth control pill. Well, the consequences can be significant.

When it comes to birth control pills, you need to be specific about the time of consumption as well. For example, if you take the pill regularly at 9 am, and one day you forget to take it in the morning and that’s why you plan to take in the evening around 6 pm. This can lead to a risk of pregnancy.

While you don’t need to take it exactly at the same time every day, and there’s a window of 3 hours, but, you should not delay taking the pill more than 3 hours later of the time at which you took it earlier. If you take it regularly at 9 am, you must take it the next day before 12 noon to ensure the pill’s effectiveness.

However, the scenario is different with the pills which contain a combination of progestin and estrogen. For these pills, even if you miss one day, you can take two pills the next day to maintain their efficacy.