Birth control pills have long been the mainstay for women who seek to control their families, space children or not have children either at all or for a certain length of time.

As one of the most popular and widely used forms of birth control, how do birth control pills work? These are a specific number of pills to be taken (21 or in some cases 28) per month that contain synthetic hormones, which prevent the normal ovulation in a woman’s body, thereby preventing pregnancy.

How do Birth Control Pills WorkContraception pills may be either a combination of estrogen and progestin (the combination pill which is the most common kind) or they may be progestin only (also known as the minipill) which is somewhat less effective in preventing conception.

How do birth control pills work? (Combination/combined pills containing Estrogen and Progestin) –  An estimated 100 million women use this form of birth control worldwide, since if taken as directed, it is one of the most effective forms of birth control.

The development of the follicle is inhibited by the combination pill and this prevents ovulation which in turn prevents a pregnancy from occurring.

Not only does the estrogen in the pill stop the pituitary gland from producing the follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone to prevent ovulation, it also works to prevent breakthrough bleeding mid cycle and also to stabilize the endometrium.

The progestin in the pill works in a secondary fashion – it prevents the passage of the sperm via the cervix by thickening the mucus present there. The progestin pill also helps in producing the luteinizing hormone and creates conditions within the uterus that are not conducing to a fertilized egg.

And how do birth control pills work – the 21 and 28 day packs. Both these are essentially the same; in both cases the combination of hormones are taken for 21 days each month. However, the 21 day packet involves taking the pill for three weeks and then no pills for the 4th week.

The 28 day packet contains pills for the last week that have no hormone content; they are there only so that the woman forms the habit of taking one pill each day at the same time, a habit that is useful for preventing mistakes or skipping doses that reduces efficacy of the pill.

How do birth control pills work – (Mini pill or progestin only pills)?  Only about 1 in 30 women who use contraceptive pills, use the mini pill. It is less popular and perhaps less effective than the combination pill, however the health risk connected to this pill also appear to be less.

Some women do not tolerate the combination pill very well, and they may be advised use of the mini pill or the progestin only pill. Women who are breastfeeding are also required not to take the combination pill and therefore take the mini pill.

Older women, women who smoke, women who are diabetic and those who find that their blood pressure rises with the combination pill are also advised to take the mini pill.

To determine the efficacy of how well and how do birth control pills work, it is important to take the pills as prescribed – regularly, each day and at the same time everyday without missing a day.

Birth control pills are easily one of the most effective methods of contraception available. Though this medication is available in most drug stores, it is worth noting that it can also be purchased online. Ordering birth control medication online is cost-effective, efficient, and it alleviates any privacy concerns that one may have. The medication is delivered straight to your home, which ensures that you will never miss taking it. When compared to the alternative of having to balance your schedule (and gas money) around a trip to the drug store, it just makes sense to switch to online ordering.