When the majority of people hear about condoms, they instantaneously think about the ones used by men but in fact there are more and more girls who are using condoms for women in order to protect themselves.

The device is similar to the one used by men, but in this case there is a small closed end and a larger open end, each of them having a flexible ring. The women’s condoms are made of polyurethane and they can be used both during vaginal and rectal intercourse.

Condoms For WomenIt is important to remember that the women’s condom should be correctly positioned before any contact between the penis and the vagina or the rectum, since it can be used in both of these cases.

If you would like to use condoms for women for vaginal intercourse, you should squeeze the smaller ring and insert it into your vagina.

The larger end should be put over the opening of the vagina so that it will be protected against infection of the outer genitalia.

If you are preparing for rectal intercourse, the use of the women’s condom changes a bit. In this case you have to remove the small ring and place the condom over the erect penis. This way it will be inserted together with the penis of your partner.

You have to make sure that the penis goes right into the large ring of the condoms for women in order to avoid unprotected contact between the penis and the vagina or the rectum. After the sexual intercourse the condom should be immediately removed, before standing up. In order to avoid semen leakage, the larger ring should be twisted. Simply pull the condom out, carefully and then dispose of it.

Not only should the use of the women’s condoms be handled with care, but also their storage. You should avoid putting them in places with extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Also you shouldn’t store them in a pocket or in a blindfold.

In case of each sexual intercourse you should use another condom for women and you shouldn’t use the same one for vaginal and rectal intercourse. Although you would like to have extra protection, don’t ever use men’s and women’s condoms in the same time.

When using any kind of condoms you should always use water based lubricants. Those lubricants that are oil-based could destroy the latex condoms. Nonetheless you don’t have to be using lubricants in case you are using the condoms for oral sex.

Don’t throw the used condoms, including the female condoms into the toilet, because they can easily clog it and it might be quite expensive to repair the pipes.

The main point of the female condoms is to prevent pregnancy. They do so by covering the inside of the vagina and collecting pre-cum and semen when the man ejaculates.

This way it will be impossible for the semen to enter the vagina. Also the condoms for women help you avoid being infected with sexually transmitted diseases and conditions giving you control about your sexual life.