The morning after pill or Plan B is also called as a method of emergency contraception. It is not designed to be used on a regular basis or even frequently.

It is not designed to be a primary form of contraception, rather it is a recourse to be taken when the primary form of contraception has failed, such as if the condom broke or you forgot to take your pill several days in a row.

The morning after pill is generally considered safe if it is used no more frequently than once a month; i.e. once every menstruation cycle. However it has to be noted that this drug has not been on the market long enough for people to gauge its long term negative effects if any.emergency contraception

Taking this drug is after all the ingesting of hormones which affect a woman’s health and fertility when all is said and done. There is the apprehension that a woman’s chances at becoming a mother later would be affected because of the way that the hormones impacted her menstrual cycle.

A note of caution towards the morning after pill may be sounded here; this is a solution to a problem not an excuse for irresponsible and causal sexual behavior which may well have its own pitfalls.

This pill can occasionally have serious side effects such as severe abdominal pains, shortness of breath, chest pains, severe headaches, blurred vision or other eye problems and leg or arm pain/numbness.