All sexually active people should be thinking about contraception options.

The truth is that in these days many different methods are available, you just have to find those that are suitable for both you and your partner.

Naturally to be 100% sure that you won’t get pregnant, you should practice abstinence.

Male condom as a contraception method

This is one of the most popular methods. It is worn on the penis and usually it is made of plastic or latex. It can be used to prevent a pregnancy or STDs. It can be used along with another kind of contraception and it is useful in case of anal, vaginal or oral sex. A condom is effective, safe, easy to get and relatively cheap.

Female condoms

contraception-optionsThis is another option for contraception. It could be defined as a pouch that is inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancies. It also reduces the risks of STDs.

It can be used for both anal and vaginal intercourse. The good thing about them is that they are effective, safe, easy to get and convenient, not to mention that they are also inexpensive.

Diaphragm and birth control options

If you are interested in this one of the contraception options you should know that it is a shallow cup made of silicone that needs to be inserted into the vagina to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Unlike the other methods, this can be used for 2 weeks. You should also know that these are more expensive than the other methods.

Birth control pills

There are millions of women using this method of contraception. If you choose this method, you will have to take one pill per day. If you have a prescription, the pills are easy to get and the related costs aren’t high. There are different kinds of pills, and your doctor will tell you which one is suitable for you.

In case you are thinking about contraception options you should know that these pills work with the help of hormones. The main hormones used are estrogen and progesterone. These make it impossible for the egg to be fertilized or to attach to the lining of the uterus if the egg does get fertilized.

Birth control shot

Another option for birth control is the shot. This is received in the arm. If you talk to your health care provider it is quite easy to get a prescription. The advantage is that the hormones are gradually released and so the effects of one shot last for about three months. The price is of $35-$75 per shot plus exam fees.


When it comes to this one of the contraception options you should be thinking of a small ring that you have to insert into your vagina once a month. It offers protection against pregnancy for three weeks. For this you need a prescription and the related costs are of about $15-$80 per month.

As you can see there are many different contraception options, you just have to find a suitable one you can be comfortable with.