Since the introduction of contraception there has been several myths and misunderstanding regarding the use of contraception. The effectiveness of hormonal contraception methods are doubted often since these myths are widespread. However, instead of succumbing to the myths one should consult an authorized doctor or GUM clinic to learn more about contraception. Some of the common myths about birth control are discussed below:

mag-1274352020Contraceptive pill causes cancer:This is the most common delusion among women. The use of oral contraceptive pill for many years might increase the risk of cancer, but it cannot cause cancer directly. In fact, there are some contraceptive pills which prove to be helpful in lowering the risk of cancer. There are many combination pill which decrease the chances of ovarian and uterine cancers. Even if you stop taking the pill, the benefits related to it persists.

Contraceptive device or pills can cause infertility: Taking contraceptive pills for a long time cannot affect your fertility. However, if a woman is suffering from STI then the intrauterine device (IUD) can trigger its transmission into the uterus and thus interfere in the fertility. A woman who is not suffering from STI and do not have multiple sex partners can safely use IUD.

Contraceptives can protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs): You need to keep in mind that an oral contraceptive pill cannot protect you against STIs. A condom is the only contraceptive which can prevent the occurrence of STIs since it functions as a barrier between the sex organ and the bacteria.

The contraceptive pill becomes effective immediately after taking it: It is always recommended to start taking the pill from the first day of period. However, if you start taking the pill a few days later then it mostly takes seven days for the pill to become effective. You need to use additional barrier contraception method during this time.Microgynon, a combined contraceptive pill, is widely used by millions of women in the UK. It consists of artificial forms of oestrogen and progestogen hormones that are also present in a woman’s body. This medication is very popular amongst women as it reduces the possibility of weight gain and fluid retention, which usually happens with some pills.

It contains less amount of progesterone hormone and thus does not cause many serious side effects. Microgynon pill should be taken for 21 days continuously, after which there is pill-free break for a week. It works in three different ways to prevent a woman from conceiving.

Firstly, it stops ovulation and consequently no egg is released from ovaries. Secondly, it prevents sperm from entering the womb by making the cervical mucus viscous . Lastly, it prevents the thickening of uterine lining so that an egg cannot attach itself and mature there.

Microgynon can also contribute in making your periods regular, shorter and less painful. This medication is also suggested to women who have painful and irregular period.You can read more on Microgynon Pill at a registered online health information website.