In case of many pregnancy complications, women are advised bed rest, in order that the chances of preterm labor or miscarriage are reduced. Bed rest or restricted activity during pregnancy is commonly advised by doctors for those women who carry multiples, or have high blood pressure or some other complications. However, the need for this is now being questioned.

bed rest during pregnancyAccording to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, measures such as bed rest, hydration and pelvic rest do not seem to have the benefits that they are thought to have. They don’t appear to improve the rate of preterm birth to the extent thought and they shouldn’t be routinely recommended.

It has been pointed out that bed rest could actually have adverse effects on women and their family life and this could also mean an increased cost to the system of health care.  It is thought that this is an old fashioned practice that is still in use, simply because doctors don’t seem to have any other better options.

According to John Thorp, a maternal-fetal specialist, there is no sure method of preventing premature delivery, and this could be tantamount to ruining lives temporarily and the possible positive outcomes are outweighed by the possible problems women can face.