A miscarriage is the loss of the embryo before twenty weeks of pregnancy.

It is a terrible shock that occurs in one out of every five pregnancies.

When you fear that your pregnancy is at risk for a miscarriage, then here are some miscarriage signs that you need to be aware of.

In general, there will be no sign if you miscarry in the first ten weeks of your pregnancy.

However, there are certain miscarriage signs indicating that something is wrong.

The most common signs are vaginal bleeding and cramping. Vaginal bleeding may be light or heavy, constant or irregular. Bleeding with pain is a sign that is more expected to the occurrence of miscarriage.Miscarriage Signs

However, some cramping is quite common in early pregnancy. It is not certain that bleeding and cramping during pregnancy leads to miscarriage but there is a possibility.

There are many women who experience bleeding in their first trimester and go on to healthy pregnancies. However, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor immediately if you find any miscarriage sign.

Also remember that there are several miscarriage signs that are not always a sign of miscarriage such as spotting and vaginal bleeding, which are normal occurrence during pregnancy.

You may also notice a sign, which is an unusually heavy feeling around the bottom of your stomach. Also, you may have pelvic cramps, abdominal pain, or a persistent, dull ache in your lower back, which are similar to period pains.

Remember, most miscarriage signs start with twinges. Pain may begin a few hours to several days once bleeding has started. Another sign is blood clots or grayish (fetal) tissue passing from the vagina.

Always beware of bleeding that includes blood clots or tissue because thismay be a miscarriage sign.

Other possible miscarriage signs include weight-loss, white-pink discharge, and painful contractions anywhere from five to twenty minutes.

Decreased breast tenderness, morning sickness, loss of fetal heartbeat and lack of fetal movement are some of the miscarriage symptoms that indicate a possibility of miscarriage.

If you find any of these symptoms, then talk to your doctor immediately about miscarriage signs. Remember that if these signs continue and heavier bleeding than normal occurs then the occurrence of miscarriage may be possible.

Your doctor will then examine your condition. While performing a pelvic examination, if your cervix is open, it indicates that a miscarriage is about to take place. However, if it is still closed and if bleeding occurs vaginally, then it is treated as a threatened abortion.

On the other hand, sometimes, you may have a miscarriage without any miscarriage sign. It can be found that you have miscarried when an ultrasound scan is done or if lack of a fetal heartbeat is found.

So, when you find any miscarriage sign in early pregnancy, it’s important to visit your doctor immediately to help get through this unnerving time. It is important to realize that although miscarriage signs appear in many cases, but resulted in healthy, full term babies.

Also, remember that having several consecutive miscarriages will not prevent your further pregnancy!


  1. I feel you need to be very careful with your wording regarding “sure signs of miscarriage”. White/Pinkish discharge can happen to many women for a variety of reasons without indicating a “sure sign of miscarriage”. Women are reading your site for information and this could be very scary for someone experiencing this type of discharge and not having a miscarriage not to mention alot of stress.

  2. hey thanks dat really helped calm me down. iam 6weeks pg n 17years old i had a miscarriage at 15 iam so scared the same thing might happen again. i got a papsmear a week ago and started spotting after first gray now pink but only wen i wipe i called my doctor he said as long as it isnt fresh blood i should be ok what should i do do u think ill be ok?

  3. Hi,I hope that every woman expecting baby would be very dissapointed when they have miscarriage, hope that every woman should be aware of their first pregnancy signs so that they could more be careful with their health and body.

  4. . . .with so much varying , it’s great great to see someone with knowledge about healthy pregnancies post good useful information.

    Keep up the good work!


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