Although there is advancement in the techniques of abortion, there are people who don’t realize that it is actually a dangerous procedure and still have a higher possibility of negative physical side effects, and also certain negative emotional side effects.

Abortion is a process that disrupts one of the primary functions of the human body where physical and emotional problems may occur due to ending of pregnancy.


The causes of abortion may be pathological changes in the ovum, the uterus, or in both. It may be due to inherited or acquired diseases (syphilis [Syphilis Symptoms], tuberculosis, chlamydia [Chlamydia Vaccine]). It may be induced with the help of drugs, or instruments, or both.Effects of Abortion

Generally, abortions performed by trained, licensed health care providers are generally very safe. Moreover, the occurrence of the effects of abortion when it is done by trained health care professional is very low.

It is found that according to national statistics, about 10% of women undergoing induced abortion experience immediate abortion effects, of that one-fifth are major effects to the health.

Over one hundred effects of abortion can come across with an induced abortion. The minor effects of abortion are: infections (minor), fevers, vomiting, bleeding, gastro-intestinal troubles, chronic abdominal pain, and Rh sensitization.

However, the most common major effects of abortion are major infection, heavy bleeding, embolism, endotoxic shock, damage of the uterus, hemorrhage, cervical injury, and, complications with anesthesia.

There is a wide range of abortion effects that can result from abortions, such as, future miscarriages, infertility and ectopic pregnancies, and even breast cancer.

The effects of abortion that occur immediately are usually treatable, but if left untreated they can lead to long-term damage of reproductive organs. Consult your doctor if you find any of the following symptoms:

Severe abdominal pain, fever over 100°F (37.8°C), dizziness or fainting, foul-smelling discharge from the vagina, bleeding that is more than a heavy period or consists of large blood clots, signs of continued pregnancy such as breast tenderness, fatigue, and nausea.

It has been found that there are many emotional effects of abortion that change the psychological well being of women who undergo an abortion. These psychological effects of abortion include guilty feelings, nervousness, depression, anger, and suicide.

Most of the women believe abortion as a way to get rid of the problem (pregnancy), and the evidence is showing that the process of terminating pregnancy brings even more problems in future.

The effects of abortion that lead to severe consequence are severe birth complications in future. Whatever the reason behind your abortion is, the consequences will be more severe if not treated early.

So, understand the abortion effects and help others to truly make an informed decision.


  1. thank u very much for yor describtion on the web. Further I would like to as u that if the women has the infection of the minor what will b the preventive measures to be taken up. And will they effect the child birth ? Suggest me some how . Thanking u.

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