Israeli scientists in Tel Aviv have discovered that women who are taking anti-aging pills could boost their chances of getting pregnant by as much as 300%.

anti aging pillsThe reason why women are more likely to get pregnant is because of the fact that the anti-aging pills contain DHEA, which is a hormone produced in the brain, the testes and the ovaries and which is seen to be responsible for this boost in fertility.

In the study conducted, two groups of women who suffered from poor ovulation were studied. One of the groups was treated with regulation treatment for poor ovulation, while the other group was treated with that as well as the supplement containing DHEA.

The DHEA hormone reaches its highest levels in the body during the 20s and then starts to taper during the 30s. The study results were surprising for the researchers, who had not expected to find that the DHEA hormone supplement would actually improve fertility so significantly.

The researchers are therefore of the view that it was likely that the decreased levels of the hormone was responsible for reducing chances of conception among older women when using the IVF technique.