When you are thinking about what is an abortion, you should be considering an event that ends in the permute ending of a pregnancy.

This could happen spontaneously or it might be induced. The induced abortion meant to protect the health of the mother is known as therapeutic abortion.

Medical procedure of abortion

What Is An AbortionThe main point of a medical abortion is to be using medication in order to end the pregnancy. You should know about this kind of abortion can be done only in the first nine weeks of the pregnancy.

It is done through using the drug called mifepristone in the form of a pill and it is meant to block progesterone. If there is no progesterone, the lining of the uterus will shed and the pregnancy will be terminated.

In case of this procedure of abortion, a few days after taking the pill women return to their doctor and take another medication called misprostol.

This forces the uterus to contract and empty its contents. In some cases this could result in bleeding, that might last for a couple of weeks.

If you are thinking about what is an abortion and you go through with it, most probably you are going to experience some cramping, that is similar to the cramping felt during your period. In the same time you may be faced with an upset stomach, and even diarrhea. The cramps could be made better with the help of Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Surgical procedure of abortion

During this procedure the doctor will remove the contents of the womb through manual vacuum aspiration or dilation curettage. Both of these make use of suction. In the first case there is a handheld tool used, while in the second case the suction is done with the help of a machine.

MVA can be done only during the first ten weeks after conceiving, and D&C can be performed only between weeks 4 and 13. In both cases the practitioner will inject the cervix to make it numb.

Then the cervix will be stretched and a tube will be inserted. In case you are wondering about what is going on during abortion, you should know that the contents of the womb are emptied using this tube.

Those who have gone through such procedures of abortion say that it feels like a nasty menstrual cramp. Once the procedure is done the patient receives painkillers and she is sent home to have some rest. After the pregnancy is ended, it is common to experience some bleeding.

It is important to know when thinking about what is an abortion that the surgical kinds of abortions are 100% effective.

How safe an abortion is?

In case the procedure of abortion is done by a professional doctor in a hospital setting, the safety of the procedure is very high and it is very unlikely to experience any kinds of complications.

When thinking about what is an abortion you should know that later chances of conception aren’t compromised by the procedure.