If you have just found out you are pregnant, you may be facing some serious stress about what to do with your life next, and most importantly, if you are going to keep the baby or not.

Abortion has been a choice for many women who cannot keep their babies for one reason or the other, or the pregnancy has been a result of rape. Abortion alternatives are available for women to consider and help them with this life-changing decision.

abortion alternativesAbortion is a big choice to make, and there are significant big risks involved, which is why other women choose abortion alternatives.

It is not the only and last resort one can turn to, and there are many ways you can still save your life and that of your baby without having to resort to abortion.

Many women choose abortion alternatives for a number of reasons, such as: they are a single mother, they lack the sufficient funds to give a child a good and educated life, they are married but do not want to raise another child, that they know their unborn child has certain physical defects which may make living an obstacle, or many other reasons.

Adoption has always been the most popular of abortion alternatives. Unlike abortion which is a lose-lose situation, with adoption you can ensure that your baby will live a long healthy life and you don’t have to go through the medical risks of abortion. There are many other benefits to these abortion alternatives, such as:

  1. You can continue to pursue the dreams and goals you have for yourself without resorting to killing the baby. On your part it will just take 9 months of bearing the child, and you can help with finding the baby a good home and parents.
  2. Abortion alternatives like adoption don’t force you to take care of the baby if you are incapable of doing so. Local health care centers and the government have special programs to help you face this need.
  3. Abortion alternatives such as adoption are merely the right thing to do when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Morally, abortion is wrong, and you are also putting yourself with unnecessary physical risk as it is involved with the procedure.
  4. Through abortion alternatives, you will be able to provide a young couple unable to have their own child with a baby they can call their own, and raise in a loving environment.It is your way of contributing and helping fulfill someone else’s dream, through abortion alternatives, if you are unable to do so yourself. You don’t even have to worry that your child will become an orphan, with the hundreds of thousands of couples who are looking for babies to adopt each year.
  5. Abortion alternatives also let you live well knowing that you have done the right thing for the baby. It is not always an easy decision to make, but it is one that will help you in the long run to become more careful and disciplined about decisions you will make.