The abortion pill is not without its share of controversy and has many detractors. One of the chief concerns raised by many about this pill is about its safety a question that many of our commentators and readers have raised as well.

The abortion pill has been deemed safe by the medical community as well as regulatory bodies, however there is one issue raised about a rare but potentially fatal blood infection.

There is no consensus among the medical community that this blood infection is caused by the abortion pill, however if it is, it is seen to have a very low incidence and amounts to about one death among 100,000 users, which is the same rate as death resulting from abortion by vacuum aspiration.abortion pill

By contrast, child birth itself results in 1 death in about 14,300 pregnancies. Another statistic to be considered is that illegal abortions are responsible for 1 death in every 3000 such illegally performed abortions.

There are however other possible problems that one should be aware of:

  • Heavy to very heavy bleeding that may continue far longer than a normal period
  • It does not end an ectopic pregnancy but may give the impression of having done so, which increases the risk of rupture
  • Incomplete abortion may result in some cases immediate surgery