Before any woman considers having an abortion, she should find out more information regarding the risks of abortion.

When talking about risks you don’t have to be thinking only about the physical ones, but also the emotional risks, because it is very likely that you will be emotionally affected.

Immediate abortion risks

Risks of AbortionPhysical

The most common complications regarding abortion are considered to be the perforation of the uterus and the cervical lacerations.

This is because the majority of the abortions are done through suction, and during this procedure the doctor can’t really see inside.

As a result of these abortion risks in case of future pregnancies you may be facing premature births or complications during labor.

There are also some less common risks of injuries caused by some of the tools that are used during the procedure and that injure the organs around the uterus. When talking about risks of abortion we have to consider the immediate risks.

The most common ones include bleeding or pain, infection accompanied by fever, hematrometra, meaning the presence of blood in the uterine cavity, bladder or bowel injury, uterine perforation, failed abortion or cervical shock.

Sexual dysfunction

According to the study the abortion risks also include short term or long term sexual dysfunctions in about 30%-50% of the abortion cases.

These usually begin right after abortion and they include loss or lack of pleasure during intercourse, aversion regarding sex, pain, or creating a promiscuous lifestyle.

Psychological risks of abortion

According to a study that has been conducted in 1997, women who have gone through an abortion are 4 times more likely to die in the following year. This is caused by the psychological traumas that increase the chances of suicide or adopting a risk taking behavior.

Long term abortion risks


In case of the cervical lacerations, women who have undergone abortion might experience difficulties when trying to conceive or carry a child. Another one of the risks of abortion is the perforation of the uterus. If this happens, the problem could be undiagnosed, and this could lead to complications in case of future pregnancies or even to a damage of the uterus that later will require a hysterectomy.

Cancer and abortion

According to different studies, the chances of being affected by cervical, breast, ovarian or liver cancer increase because of abortion. Some of the studies even show that the chances of cancer increase by 130%, thus becoming one of the abortion risks. If the patient has undergone two abortions, the chances of cancer increase by 392%.


Studies have shown that the women who have undergone the procedure require more psychiatric and medical services than women who never had such a procedure. These women are more likely to require the help of a psychiatrist and later the chances are greater of being admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

As one of the risks of abortion, women who have undergone the procedure of abortion are more likely to be faced with alcohol abuse.