One of the major services that Planned Parenthood offers is abortion. In case you are thinking about such actions, you should find out more about planned parenthood abortion.

How many abortions are performed?

In the year 2006 there have been 289,750 abortions at planned parenthood and this represents about 23% of all abortions. This way the organization has become the largest abortion provider of the nation. Although the number of abortions is decreasing every year, the organization still offers more and more.

Doesn’t abortion represent only a small percentage of the organization’s activity?

According to the officials of the organization the abortions at planned parenthood represent only 3% of the organization’s activity. They have offered 10.5 million services in 2006 and 289,750 of these have been abortions.

If we take a look at the number of clients, we might form a different opinion regarding planned parenthood abortion. In 2006 there have been 3.1 million clients and 9% of them had an abortion. Even more, the abortions account for about a third of the organization’s income.

Are these abortions safe?

Abortion has been made legal in the States since 1973 and since then numerous women have died because of it, including during abortions at planned parenthood. Not so long ago there has been a 21 years old woman who visited the clinic for an abortion in Riverside and the doctor inserted laminaria into her cervix but he didn’t observe that she had a vaginal infection. The infection spread and she died a few days later. Naturally her family sued the organization for malpractice.

How is planned parenthood abortion organized?

There is a national headquarter of the organization and besides this there are also 97 affiliates all over the country. The affiliates are operating local facilities in a given region or state. This way there are about 880 different facilities.

Women have the possibility to have abortion at planned parenthood in 17 different countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The organization has its own facilities and also has partnerships with medical institutions in order to make contraception and abortion available in the developing countries.

The organization is trying to lobby in the halls of government, making sure that planned parenthood abortion is legal and unrestricted and also to get funds for the affiliates.

The money of the organization

The annual budget of the organization and its affiliates for the fiscal year 2006-2007 has been of $1,017,900,000. About one third of this sum has been received from public funds. Also there has been an income of about $100 million for surgical abortion, but the total income of the organization is not known.

Besides abortions at planned parenthood are there adoptions as well?

Adoption referrals are one of the services that the organization offers, but the truth is that adoption has only a low priority for it. In the report that they have presented in 2005 the number of adoptions has not been mentioned. In 2006 there has been only one adoption for every 180 planned parenthood abortion.