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Natural Abortion Methods – Is There Such a Thing?

Many women, forced by their circumstances, do at times consider so called natural abortion methods. This could be due to family pressures, social taboos or stigma, censure from others; or quite simply because a woman doesn’t have access to safe and legal means to end a pregnancy because the laws of the land prohibit this.

What actually are these natural abortion methods?

Some woman may (erroneously) believe that self induced or so called natural methods of pregnancy termination are somehow safer or less traumatic than regular methods of abortion with less guilt and fewer side effects.

However it must be clarified that these types of abortion (also known as self induced abortions) can be dangerous. At times they are life threatening and are usually illegal even in areas where abortion itself may be legal. They may also carry penalties such as fine or an imprisonment.miscarraige

Though one may think that self induced abortion largely occurs only in underdeveloped areas or primitive cultures, however even in developed countries, women are seduced by the idea of natural abortion methods which they mistakenly think are better than medical options.

What natural abortion methods are still used in spite of safer and more effective medical options?

In underdeveloped areas of the world, where women are too poor to obtain proper medical attention or where women don’t have access to safe abortion methods, various unregulated methods are used to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Heavy weight lifting, certain kinds of abdominal massage, consuming things like carrot seed soup, or mutton marrow, or dried henna powder is still used in areas without proper medical facilities.

However even in more developed areas, women who may want to terminate a pregnancy but are reluctant to speak to anyone about it, may make attempts such as extreme physical exertion, belly flopping on a hard surface or trying to cause trauma to the abdomen, vaginal pessaries, douching and hypothermia to end a pregnancy. The possible dreadful consequences of such actions may be quite obvious to us.

Even barbaric methods of inducing abortion by inserting a coat hanger or knitting needles into the uterus via the cervix have been reported. So much so that the coat hanger method of inducing abortion has become a symbol of protest against laws that make abortion illegal – because illegality of abortion is one of the reasons why women resort to these so called natural abortion methods.

Even in developed countries certain herbal interventions are often advertized as ‘safe’ or ‘natural’ or ‘traditional’ means of ending a pregnancy. Various herbs and combinations including carrot root bark, penny royal, mugwort, parsley, blue cohosh, black cohosh, are advised to be taken over a period of time to induce abortion.

Why natural abortion methods are not advisable

Firstly these methods are unregulated and could be dangerous. Secondly they may not even be effective fully or partly. Herbs that work partly may mean that surgical intervention is needed or that a child may be born with birth defects. Since most of these so called natural methods of pregnancy termination are illegal or dangerous or both, it is best to steer clear of them.