Having an abortion is never something pleasant, and this is why a lot of women would like to find out about the causes of abortion so that they can avoid them.

There are numerous medical conditions that could lead to abortion, and there are also some other action or events that can induce it.

The fetus as a reason of abortion

One of the reasons for having an abortion might be the health state of the fetus. There are some tests that can be performed in order to see whether the little one is going to be healthy after getting born. In case there are some abnormalities it is normal for the mother to opt for abortion.

The health of the mother

Another important reason of abortion is for the life of the mother to be threatened by the pregnancy. There are numerous health problems that could be made worse by childbirth.

Spontaneous abortion

In some cases there are no apparent causes of abortion and in this case we are talking about spontaneous abortion. In this case there could be an underlying cause that is not known and that may not be found later.

Uterine anatomy

When looking for the reasons of abortion we should also think about the anatomy of the uterus. In case of some conditions it is the anatomy that doesn’t allow the fetus to develop as it should and so it is likely to suffer an abortion.

Causes of Abortion

Incompetent cervix

During the pregnancy, due to anomalies, it is possible that the cervix opens earlier than it should, being one of the causes of abortion. As a result the woman in question suffers a miscarriage or it is also possible to be faced with premature birth. This is all because the stage of labor is skipped due to the dilation of the cervix.


It is more common for pregnant women to be exposed to radiation than you may think, representing one of the reasons of abortion.

The most common kind of radiation is direct sunlight. Besides this there are other kinds of radiations as well, such as X-rays, radioactive accidents or radioactive therapy.


We all know that it’s not good to be smoking during pregnancy, but only a few people would think that this could be one of the causes of abortion. Naturally we aren’t talking about only one cigarette. It is quite rare for this to happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


A glass of wine seems harmless, right? In case you take drinking to the extremes, it might become a reason of abortion. Of course a glass of wine every now and then never hurt anybody, but you should make sure that you don’t have too much of it, not even by accident.

As you can see there are numerous causes of abortion and in case of some of them you would have never thought about them. Before you do anything you should think about the impact that it has on the baby.