You can find surgical and medical abortion, but when asking how is an abortion performed, you will have different answers according to the different pregnancy stages.

In the majority of the cases after the first 7 weeks you can only opt for surgical abortion.

Performing medical abortion

In this case abortion is achieved through the use of medications. It can be done through using one pill or several pills. Usually there is a combination of two different medications: misoprostol and mifepristone. The procedure can be used in case you are maximum in the 7th week.

How is An Abortion PerformedThe effectiveness of performing abortion is of 92%-98% and so you can escape your pregnancy without a surgery. Women shouldn’t use the method after the first 7 weeks and although some of the doctors still use it, it isn’t approved by the FDA.

Dilation, curettage and vacuum aspiration

When you are thinking about how is an abortion performed, you should also think about this method. The procedure is done through using suction to clear out all the tissue related to pregnancy. There are two main ways to get the abortion done. In the first case there is a handheld vacuum. In case of the other way there is a machine operated vacuum.

After performing abortion through vacuum aspiration, the patient might require dilation and curettage. During this procedure, the specialist, with the help of a curette, cleans out the remaining tissues of the lining. The procedure can be done during one visit at the doctor, and it is a possibility until the 14th week of pregnancy. The efficiency of the method is of almost 100%.

Dilation and evacuation

In case you are wondering how is an abortion performed, dilation and evacuation is also an option. The method is very similar with the previous one. The only difference is that there are some other instruments used as well. In the majority of the cases it is performed in the second trimester of the pregnancy.

Just as in the previous case, performing abortion in this way is also almost 100% sure. The specialist will have to examine the tissue of the uterus to make sure that all the tissue has been removed.

Some of the doctors use an ultrasound too to make sure that all the pregnancy tissue has been cleared and that the pregnancy was ended.

Induction abortion

If you are asking how is an abortion performed, this is a possibility to stop a pregnancy in the second or third trimester. The abortion is done with the help of drugs that start the contractions. This way the fetus will be expelled from your uterus. In this case the patient requires hospitalization and needs to be monitored while performing the procedure.

You should know that when performing abortion of this kind the patient goes through all the stages of labor and childbirth. Usually this kind of procedure is performed only in case you have a serious health problem in case of the mother or the fetus.

Now you know how is an abortion performed and you can be sure that a lot more information can be found if you care to look for it.