Some women who desire to undergo abortion discreetly in their own homes resort to herbal abortion. This method of expelling the fetus from the womb has been used for centuries.

However, what some women do not know is that the herbs used in herbal abortion carry with them some very dangerous substances that could have damaging effects on the health of a woman and worst, it could even kill if ingested in large amounts.

Herbal Abortion Induced abortion has been employed by several women who wanted to terminate their pregnancies. In several countries, abortion is legal. However, in some other nations which stand by their principles, it remains illegal.

Women who induce abortion have several reasons in doing so. It may be due to pressure, family expectations, inability to sustain the child and unplanned pregnancies. Whichever one’s reason is, inducing abortion has its risks and pitfalls.

Religious views on abortion consider it to be a great violation on the sanctity of human life.

Particularly, there are 2 types of herbs that affect the progress of pregnancy, namely, abortifacients and emmenagogues. Abortifacients induce abortion and cause the period to start. On the other hand, emmenagogues facilitate menstruation.

Emmenagogues include Yarrow, Rosemary, Mugwort, Juniper and others. On the other hand, Blue Cohosh, Dong Quai and Pennyroyal are considered abortifacients. When taken in excess amounts, these abortifacients used in herbal abortion could definitely lead to severe complications and eventually, death.

Before even contemplating abortion by undergoing herbal abortion, a woman must first know and consider several things. Firstly, the abortifacients work by poisoning the taker.

Yes, that means, the herbs used in herbal abortion are toxic to the body, so toxic that it results to the termination of fetal growth. It does not only stop the development of the fetus.

When ingested dangerously, the substance could circulate through the blood stream and upon reaching the vital organs of the body, it could even cause irreversible damage. Blue Cohosh, in particular, is a very dangerous herb specifically if one is not aware of its effects.

For those who have cardiovascular problems such as having high blood or low blood pressure and a history of heart attack, taking the herb lowers the blood pressure even more and could cause further cardiovascular complications.

Other side effects of the herbal abortion include abdominal pain, sweating, pounding headache, vomiting and pain in the extremities.

Dong Quai or Chinese Angelica, on the other hand, causes liver and kidney damage. Since the waste products are filtered through the liver and kidneys, the toxic effects of Dong Quai is so great that it could lead to systemic failure of the organs. In addition, when used in herbal abortion, this herb could cause hemorrhage because of its anticoagulant or blood-thinning property.

People who are taking aspirin and other anticoagulants should specifically be cautious in using this herb since it could lead to massive bleeding which could lead further to shock. Pennyroyal, on the other hand, is very dangerous. The Pennyroyal oil, when ingested even in small amounts (even just a teaspoon), could cause massive poisoning.

This herb is used as a pesticide. Just imagine what damage it could do to your body. Furthermore, Pennyroyal’s toxicity could even lead to multi-organ failure, brain inflammation, formation of clots, seizures and death.

Just like any abortion, herbal abortion has its many pitfalls and disadvantages. One must first seek the advice of a counselor before even contemplating on undergoing the procedure.