House bill 1143 proposes that women who want to have an abortion performed with have to view an ultrasound and hear the description of the embryo prior to getting the procedure performed. They will also have to pay for this ultrasound themselves; about $100 more added to the abortion procedure that costs between $300 and $400.

The bill also seeks to restrict abortion coverage of the state’s insurance exchange. This is being viewed as unusual for a state such as Florida, which is not known for its conservatism.

ultrasoundThe idea is that women seeking abortion should be made to be more aware of what is at stake by considering the ultrasound images prior to acting.

The pro life view is that abortion is not about health care and therefore should not be within the purview of private insurance coverage; the newly enacted Health reforms should be used to this end. B

y contrast the pro choice lobby is dismayed; they believe that reform should be about increasing access to health care and increasing choices, not taking them away.

It will now be over to anti abortionist governor Charlie Crist (who does however object to the clause requiring the ultrasound to be performed) to veto or pass the bill.

Source: Associated Press