The majority of women never wish to be forced to think about pregnancy termination, but there are some factors that make them to. There are various factors of this kind and they vary from one case to the other.

Social and personal factors of termination of pregnancy

In many cases women prefer to delay a pregnancy so that they could focus on other elements of their lives or on another child. In many cases the financial aspects also have a word to say in the matter.

Pregnancy TerminationIt is possible that the future parents wouldn’t be able to cover the direct costs of raising a child.

Social factors also need to be considered when it comes to the termination of pregnancy. In certain countries the couples also think about the loss of income associated to the fact that the mother would have to care for the child. The support of the father is also needed.

Sometimes the needs of an existing child also determine the pregnancy termination, such as education. Also people take into consideration that they might have to disrupt their own education to raise a child.

In case people don’t have a stable relationship, they don’t really want to bring a child in the world.

If the parents would be too young to have children, this may also be a reason for the termination of pregnancy.

In those countries where the unemployment rate is high, there are more abortions than in other cases, so this is also an important factor.

Health issues

In case there are no other personal or social problems, the health of the mother and the child have to be taken into consideration too. In some countries about 33% of the cases of pregnancy termination the reason has been that the health of the mother or of the child has been jeopardized by the pregnancy.

In some cases the pregnancy is terminated because the intercourse hasn’t been consensual, such as in case of a rape or incest.


According to an American study about half of the women who have been thinking about termination of pregnancy have been using some kind of contraception when they got pregnant. Nonetheless we have to note that in these cases the use of the contraception methods has been inconsistent.

Official statistics say that the majority of pregnancy termination is effectuated by minority women in case of the U. S. because in their case the number of unwanted pregnancies is higher.


In some cases the termination of pregnancy is done because of social pressures, such as the preference for a certain gender, disapproval of certain statuses, lack of social support in case of families, inexistence of the contraception method or limited access to them, population control and so on.

As you can see there are numerous factors of pregnancy termination, and in the majority of the cases these are specific for a certain region, religion, ethnicity or other characteristic. While some think that it is a sin, others agree with abortion.