In many cases people mistake abortion for miscarriage. Miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion that might be the result of an induced abortion.

Miscarriage is considered to be a spontaneous abortion in case the fetus weights less than 500 grams and the gestational age is less than twenty-two weeks.

About 15%-20% of all pregnancies are ended by a miscarriage before the 13th week.

Abortion that is induced

About 60% of all population has access to abortion that is induced. Some of the common methods include medical induction and instrumental evacuation. In the majority of the cases women don’t think about abortions unless their life or the life of the little one is endangered.

Induced AbortionSelf induced abortion

This refers to the case when the abortion is induced by the pregnant woman herself. It is an action that isn’t recognized by the medical world, and it is the most dangerous kind of the abortions.

There are some countries where it is illegal because it represents direct threat to the life of the woman in question.

Methods of self induced abortion

There are some actions that are known to be dangerous in case of the pregnant women, and this is what some of them are using for abortion that is induced. One of these methods is lifting heavy weights. Another option that some of the women choose is to have heavy abdominal massage.

Although you may think that these are just myths, you should know that an abortion of this kind could happen in case of consuming mutton marrow soup or consuming dried henna powder. Having carrot seed soup and nerium seeds could lead to having abortion that is induced.

It is known that pregnant women have to take care of themselves because physical exertion could lead to abortion. Any kind of trauma suffered in the abdominal area, such as punches, blows or kicks could result in abortion.

There shouldn’t be any device inserted into the uterus, like a coat hanger or anything of the kind, because it leads to abortion. Inserting a knitting needle also results in induced abortion that is dangerous for the health of the pregnant woman.

We all know that some kinds of abortions are performed through suction, and this is why pregnant women shouldn’t try doing anything of this kind on their own. Ingesting certain substances, such as pennyroyal or vitamin C could end up inducing abortion.

It is said that some of the women suffered abortion that is induced through douching in different kinds of substances, such as cola. Vaginal pessaries could also lead to abortion. It has been proven that the inadequate use of yoga, hypothermia and acupuncture can also lead to abortion.

Although you might think that it is crazy for women to attempt having an induced abortion, you should know that all the methods that have been mentioned caught the attention of specialists because they have been tried by their patients. In case you would like to have an abortion, go to a specialist and have it done in sterile surroundings.