In the majority of the cases the types of abortions are determined by the progress of the pregnancy. Before you decide upon the kind of abortion you will choose, you should have a sonogram to know exactly in which week you are in and what your possibilities are.

The first trimester and the kinds of abortions

During this period you have the possibility to choose from medical or surgical abortions. The medical abortions are available only until you reach your 9th week of pregnancy.

Types of  AbortionsMethotrexate and Misoprostol

This is one of the medical kinds of abortions that can be used in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy. The truth is that the combination of these two medications isn’t as common in the U. S. as mifepristone that is more efficient in case of abortions.

Mifepristone and misoprostol

Just as in the previous case this is also one of the types of abortions and it can be used up to the 9th week. There are different names for the same procedure.

Manual vacuum aspiration

This is one of the kinds of abortion that can be used early during the pregnancy, starting with the 3rd week, and ending with the 12th. This is considered to be only a little invasive, because the anesthesia is used right on the cervix.


Unlike the others, this is one of the surgical types of abortions, and it can be used until the 16th week of pregnancy. The other names of the same procedure include D&C or vacuum aspiration.

The second trimester

When you reach the second trimester, you don’t have the option to have medical abortion anymore. Instead you have some other options.


The name stands for dilation and curettage and it is one of the surgical kinds of abortion that can be used until the 16th week of pregnancy. Other names of the procedure include vacuum aspiration or suction curettage.


This short form stands for dilation and evacuation and this one of the different types of abortions is similar to the previous one, since it can be performed after the 16h week of pregnancy.

Induction abortion

The truth is that this is one of the kinds of abortion that are only rarely used. In this case there is urea, salt water or potassium chloride transferred into the amniotic sac then prostaglandins are placed into the vagina and Pitocin is injected intravenously.

The third semester

In some of the states the late term abortions are not allowed by the law, except for special situations. These abortions refer to the ones that are performed after the 24th week of pregnancy when the fetus could already survive on its own, and this is why these procedures are in a gray area of the medical world.

According to these the availability of the procedures are determined by the law. There are two possible procedures to choose from: induction abortion and D&A.

You may see that there are numerous different types of abortions that vary according to the progress of the pregnancy.