There are many processes to carry out at home abortion, although the safety issues associated with most of them are questionable. Abortions have been practiced since ancient times and it should be said that the practice is less frequent today as it had been in the past since these days people generally go for medically and legally backed practices.

It should be however mentioned here that abortion at home is still a practice in nations like Kenya where women use knitting needles or malaria drugs to lead to abortions. Various kinds of abortions can be carried out at home by using specific supplements.

Supplements for at home abortion

At Home Abortion1. Herbal abortifacients: These are substances which are believed to stimulate miscarriage and terminate a pregnancy. According to herbalists, different herbs can perform the function such as ginger, aloe and bitter apple.

Using such herbs for abortion at home can be coupled with emmenagogues or drugs which may bring about menstruation to augment the chances of a miscarriage.

2. Tea infusions: Tea infusions are usually created with the help of various herbs to bring about an abortion or put objects right into the vagina. Parsley may be used to conduct an at home abortion.

Other than being used for cooking purposes, parsley may act as a mild emmenagogue which stimulates uterine contractions and menstruation.

While taken as tea, this herb is generally combined with increased dosage of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid which increases the production of estrogen, thereby leading to a miscarriage.

You are required to drink the mixture several times during the day until regular menstruation commences. Contractions may be brought about by inserting the herbs immediately into the vagina.

While these emmenagogues and abortifacients may be purchased over the counter for a minimum cost or effort, they do not guarantee successful rates of abortion. Most of the herbs are considered as toxic when consumed at high extents to induce an abortion. In fact, it has also been suggested that the herbs do not stimulate abortion as much as flooding your body with high amounts of poison to prevent the continuation of pregnancy.

For instance, blue cohosh which is commonly used for at home abortion is a flowering herb which is toxic and hence unsafe for application. One of the after effects of using the herbal abortifacient is it reduces the capability of the heart to circulate blood.

Another herb, pennyroyal, which has been used for a long time in bringing about an abortion at home, has been known to act effectively when used as oil. Its leaves are effective too. However, many consider the plant as unsafe which may lead to a damaged liver. Consuming the oil in nominal doses is lethal too.

Some of the herbs which are used for at home abortion are thought of causing a large amount of side effects such as death, excess bleeding and kidney damage. Having complications of reproduction is an increased risk as well. High blood pressure and diabetes have also been associated with these so-called wonder herbs.