There are so many circumstances where a woman is likely to be considering alternatives to abortion. Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies do not occur only as a result of spontaneous or irresponsible behavior – there can be accidents in spite of the best precautions; women may get pregnant as a result of sexual abuse or incest; this list is practically endless.

For many women, the idea of abortion may be anathema due to personal or religious beliefs; or it could be that abortion is illegal where she is. It could also be that she is past the gestation age where an abortion is not a safe option.

Whatever the reason, if abortion is not an option, there are many viable alternatives to abortion that a woman can consider.


Adoption is the most frequently offered alternative to abortion. It entails carrying the baby to term and giving birth and then putting up the child for adoption or opting for abortion even before the birth.alternatives to abortion

A woman can decide what sort of adoption she opts for – for instance an open adoption can mean that the mother can be in touch with the child, get to visit, be sent photos and letters and so on or she could choose not to be part of the child’s life at all.

In the latter case she can contact a licensed adoption agency who will choose the parents who may adopt the child and take care of all the legal and other details.

A doctor, lawyer or other individual can also arrange for an independent abortion that involves not agencies and where the adoptive parents pick up all the costs. The many ways to adopt makes adoption one of the best alternatives to abortion.

Keeping the baby and raising the child

This is a decision that can only be taken after considering numerous factors: does a woman have the financial wherewithal to support another person? Does she have the resources and the maturity to be able to do so? Is she in a relationship that could make this possible and support the raising of the baby?

Alternatively does the woman think that she is able to be a single mother? Ideally a decision should be taken keeping in mind the best interests of all concerned; and for many women, single motherhood may simply not be an option either for themselves or for a future baby which makes this one of the less viable alternatives to abortion.

Allowing a family member to raise the child

It could be that there is a cousin who is in a childless relationship who would cherish a baby; the woman herself may have parents who are willing to raise her child or there could be other family members who are willing and able to raise the child either as part of a bigger family or otherwise.

Being part of a residence with other single parents

This kind of set up can help reduce financial burden on a single mother, it can offer logistical and child care support and give other, very valuable input as regards child rearing. Many women may find this to be the best of the alternatives to abortion when confronted with the choice between that and an abortion.