Assessing the abortion pros and cons is a comprehensive topic in itself. It is also a hotly debated one owing to social, political and ethical reasons. There are almost 30 countries including Canada, USA, Australia and Germany which declare abortion at any time until birth as legal.

Other countries impose partial limitations including the initial periods of pregnancy or totally ban the process unless it has been declared fatal for the health of the mother for carrying on with the pregnancy.

Abortion Pros and ConsWhat is Abortion?

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy willingly or something which may happen accidentally with a miscarriage.

Is the accessibility of abortion a significant privilege for women? Only 7% women opt for abortion after incest, rape and health concerns. The rest of the numbers opt for abortion out of personal and social reasons. Here are a few abortion facts:

  • About 50% of women who opt for abortion are less than 25 years
  • 60% abortions are done on women who have never been married
  • A woman going for abortion does not take a hasty decision, although that can be held true for the sexual conduct which caused the pregnancy
  • The choice between alternatives, whether to abort the child, let it stay or put it for adoption in future, is a decision which is difficult and may often cause post abortion trauma

Understanding Abortion Pros and Cons

In the US, where terminations have been officially ruled as legal, the process can be sought after by a woman from a clinic, family planning center or hospital. If you want to go for it, you should assess the abortion pros and cons.

Why Not to Go for Abortion

  • The most significant question to ask before going for an abortion is perhaps whether we can terminate uncalled for pregnancies. Should an individual be so careless as to be in a state where they must be ruthless to the unborn child?
  • Unplanned pregnancies extending to childbirth may prove beneficial at a later stage.
  • The developing embryo is a human, demonstrating heartbeats by the 21st day of conceiving. Even when we are not able to visualize the human appearance, it has the probability of gaining human entity.
  • You can choose adoption over abortion to give the child its right to live.
  • People should not resort to adoption as their last minute contraceptive while sermonizing to their children about the dangers of careless sex.
  • Some of the dangers associated with abortion may include sepsis, recurring miscarriages, infection and at times death.
  • Abortion can lead to severe psychological injury to the mother, often manifesting itself through guilt and depression.

Why Choose Abortion

  • Women are usually faced with a tough choice while looking for abortion as a solution for unwanted pregnancy, but then they are making the decision for long, knowing the consequences of such choices. Hence, they have every right to abort.
  • It is the woman who undergoes the labor of enduring the pregnancy, delivering the baby, rearing it, parenting it and fulfilling the other obligations on a daily basis. To do all of it alone without the help of her partner or family members would be tough, and impossible.
  • The existence of the baby depends on the health of the mother and this is why the mother should be given the choice of ‘when’ she wants the baby.
  • When the mental wellness of the mother is concerned, others can never decide what will cause her trauma – abortion or childbirth followed with the list of duties that are waiting to be fulfilled.
  • Restricting abortions leads to more unsafe and illegal abortions as well as mounting expenses. A new law will soon be required to tackle illegal abortions, thus complicating matters.

However much we argue about the abortion pros and cons, the practice will always be present in society. While the determining factors are different for people, it should be remembered that the very thought of abortion can bring trauma to one and a sense of relief to another. For instance, forced childbirth can be may equally lead to stress.

One cannot thus definitively evaluate the abortion pros and cons. Abortion depends on several issues like the mother’s approach in such an uncalled for situation, psychological stamina and supportive circumstances.